Is Red Meat So Dangerous?

red meat

Fourteen experts from Canada, the USA, Great Britain, South Korea, Spain, Germany, New Zealand and Poland developed dietary recommendations for eating red meat and its processed products. To do this, scientists conducted four systematic reviews of data on the possible impact of red meat and products from it on the development of cancer, stroke, myocardial infarction and type 2 diabetes. The fifth review analyzed prevailing preferences related to meat-eating. Publications evaluating the status of 1,000 or more healthy adults were selected for reviews.

The analysis showed that omnivores people love meat and consider it an important and useful component of the diet. It is difficult for them to do without meat; they cannot taste without it. Fans of meat products are not ready to refuse them even in the face of a threat to health.
The threat itself is a big question, since the reliability of data on possible adverse health effects associated with eating red meat turned out to be low or very low. If you reduce the consumption of red meat to three servings per week, the absolute risk of cancer and cardio-metabolic diseases, as well as mortality from them, will decrease slightly.
And, since the benefits of red meat are undeniable, and the harm has not been proven with a reasonable degree of certainty, experts by a majority vote have decided that people over 18 cannot limit themselves. How much meat they ate, even so much they eat.
By the way, the experts themselves, with the exception of one piscatorial, eat red meat and sausages with sausages. Someone once or twice a week, and some six or seven.

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