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The well-being and health of women directly depends on the balance of hormones, and primarily the sex hormones estrogen. From the age of 30, their production decreases by 1-3% per year, by the age of 45, the synthesis of their own hormones by the ovaries is already reduced by 20%, and later it stops and the function of the ovaries is turned off. It is at this age that many women face such a manifestation of estrogen deficiency as menopause.
Where does it all begin?
Already at the age of 45-47, most women experience changes in the menstrual cycle – menstruation becomes shorter and leaner, and the gap between them, on the contrary, lengthens to 60 days or more.

At this time, the first symptoms of menopause appear – hot flashes. It is they, us, women, who make it clear that a turning point has come in the body, and it is the tides that make us think about the choice of therapy.
But most of us stubbornly do not agree to treat menopause with hormones, making up for their deficiency. On the contrary, engaged in self-deception, we begin to seek out various vitamins and dietary supplements in order to get rid of obsessive hot flashes, restore normal sleep and improve well-being.
And, after some time, the tides really disappear. Here it is! We are talking. It helped! Assuming that bioadditives have finally worked.
But this is not so. The fact is that tides eventually disappear on their own without treatment.
Due to estrogen deficiency, disorders appear in the genitourinary system. But unlike hot flashes, urogenital disorders do not pass over time, and without the right treatment they worsen every year, making the woman’s life unbearable.
What hides menopause
Many of us are inconvenient to discuss these manifestations of menopause, not only with friends, but even with a doctor. First of all, he is noticed by those of us who continue an active sex life, such as itching, burning in the vagina and pain during sexual intercourse.
What is this happening for? The fact is that the mucous tissue of the vagina and urethra is rich in estrogen receptors, so estrogen deficiency causes serious changes: the vaginal epithelium cells stop dividing, the epithelium becomes thinner, and the vaginal mucosa becomes very thin, fragile, dry and inelastic.
The blood supply to the vaginal tissues and the production of natural lubrication is reduced, due to which any contact causes pain, and sexual life becomes impossible.
Atrophic changes occur not only in the vagina, but also in the urinary tract – blood circulation in the tissues is disturbed, muscles lose their tone and elasticity and one of the most unpleasant symptoms develops – urinary incontinence.
Urinary incontinence is manifested by coughing, sneezing, laughing and lifting weights. Urogenital disorders significantly worsen a woman’s quality of life, affect self-esteem and cause a lot of complexes.
The solution is logical, the treatment is simple
The main reason for the occurrence of urogenital disorders during menopause is estrogen deficiency, which must be compensated by hormone replacement therapy – drugs containing analogues of female sex hormones.
With the help of Vesting cream containing stroll (namely, stroll is the safest and most studied of all estrogens!), which is applied directly to the atrophied and thinned vaginal mucosa using a special applicator, it is possible to quickly eliminate unpleasant symptoms.
The uniqueness of the cream lies in the fact that the drug acts only locally, without getting into the systemic circulation, this is due to its high safety.
Vesting is also available in the form of candles. Treatment usually begins treatment with 1 dose of cream or 1 suppository 1 time per night (2-3 weeks), and then they switch to maintenance therapy – 1 dose of cream or 1 suppository 2 times a week.
Look at life with a smile
Climax is a difficult period that has its inevitable physiological features, but they can easily be overcome. Treatment of atrophy of the vaginal mucosa is most effective if you start it at its first manifestations, and then nothing will spoil this age. Vesting – the happiness of a mature life!

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