How to play an active part as a Yoga instructor

Yoga is now popular not only with women but also with men. It’s not uncommon for people who started out as a hobby at first, but soon became addicted to the attraction and became extremely instructor. However, suddenly becoming independent as a yoga instructor is a bit of a hurdle. First, let’s learn more about how to start a career as a yoga instructor on the side job.
To do a side job as a yoga instructor
If you are thinking about becoming an independent yoga instructor, it is recommended that you start your yoga instructor’s career as a side job instead of suddenly losing your salary. For example, you can work hard on weekdays and hold lessons only on weekend nights and weekends, or you can try the morning yoga lessons with the popular morning activities.

In any case, it is important to start as long as there are no problems with your current job. By maintaining your main business, you won’t have any worries about your income, and if you can balance your work and side job well, you can gain a track record as a yoga instructor.
How to make a schedule
So how do you schedule a lesson if you are a yoga instructor on a side job? For example, when taking lessons after work, such as Friday night, it is important to schedule in a time when there is no problem even if you work overtime. For students who come to study, it doesn’t matter whether it is a side job or a main job. Make sure that your lesson time is not delayed due to the influence of your main business. If your company has a lot of overtime, it is safe to refrain from weekday lessons and focus on holiday lessons. First of all, let’s assemble the schedule after carefully considering the balance with work.
Means to teach yoga as a side job
There are many ways to teach yoga as a side job. Choose the style that suits you by referring to the following.
Gym or yoga studio
If you work as a full-time employee in your main business, it is also recommended to work in a sports gym or other part-time job or part-time job. However, because part-time and part-time jobs are mostly hourly, there is a demerit that you can’t expect much in terms of salary when working hours are short.
Work as a freelance
Instead of belonging to a specific company, you can contract with multiple gyms and yoga studios as freelance instructors. If you can make a successful contract, you will get a salary per lesson or a commission based on the number of students, so the amount may be higher than part-time or part-time.
Open a classroom by yourself
One way to do this is to open a private yoga class. A wealth of experience as a yoga instructor and management knowledge are required, but there is also the benefit of being able to take lessons anywhere and anytime. The biggest attraction is that the lesson fee can be set by yourself and the degree of freedom is high.
How to take a place when teaching yoga individually
When opening a private yoga class, the question of what to do with the lesson location will arise. One-on-one lessons don’t require a lot of space, but considering cost effectiveness, it is more practical to teach multiple students at once. Nonetheless, renting a place that can be taught to multiple students will increase costs. Therefore, we recommend running yoga classes using rental spaces and rental studios. Not only is it possible to reduce costs by renting time, but there is no need to teach students their own address as if teaching at home, so even those who are concerned about privacy are safe.
Starting with a yoga instructor from the beginning is not only about income but also various concerns. If it is a side job, you can not only teach at your own pace while thinking about the balance with work, but you can also build a career as an instructor.

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