How Much Will I Lose Weight On This Diet?

If you follow all three rules, you can lose up to five kilos in the first week. After that you will lose weight continuously. Since everybody reacts differently to the change in diet, these numbers are only indicative.
If this is your first diet, you will see results very quickly. It also depends on the initial weight. People who weigh more, lose weight faster and more.
It may be that you feel a bit strange in the first few days. Your body has spent most of its life processing carbohydrates. So it may take a while for him to get used to burning fat now.
At the beginning of this diet change, it may therefore be that you get the low-carb fever.

The term describes a state in which you feel flabby, irritable and constantly hungry and may also have a headache. These symptoms are caused by the loss of carbohydrates. The fever disappears after a few days but usually again. Sodium or hot broth can help in this initial phase.
Once your body gets used to the new circumstances, you will feel better and quicker. You will be positive and energetic. At this point you are officially a Fat Burning Monster.
In addition to weight loss, the Low Carb Diet can bring you many more benefits:
• It reduces your blood sugar level
• It lowers your cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol
• Your blood pressure will improve significantly
• Best of all, low carb diets are easier to sustain than low fat diets!
Conclusion: If you follow the rules, your chances of losing a lot of weight are very good. However, how much you can lose weight varies from person to person. In addition, this low carb diet can also have a positive effect on your overall health.

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