Belly Off With the Fitness Formula 2 + 2 + 4

You just want flat stomach? Fitness expert has developed a formula that will get you to your destination quickly and effectively – in just a few weeks, you can save up to five inches less! You know that a flat stomach is a hard target, but if you use our belly-off formula and are disciplined, you’re on the right track.
First of all, it is important to know your abdominal girth – and also the possible health risk associated with it. Because the body mass index so far rather used for the estimation of health risks merely sets the body size in relation to the body weight – without conclusions on the portion of the muscle mass and the fat cushion.

Determine your waist circumference – and your health risk. As a rule of thumb, the more inches around the waist, the higher the health risk. High-risk men are those with a waist circumference of over 106 inches and women with more than 94 inches waist.
If your health risk is increased – or even more – there is an urgent need for action, because stomach fat is not only visually disturbing, but can be a real health hazard. In particular, the inner abdominal fat, which attaches to the organs and represents the largest energy storage of the body, gives cause for concern.
This visceral belly fat promotes high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, lipid metabolism disorders or even heart attacks.
Belly away formula: 2 + 2 + 4
Our fat-away formula for a flat stomach takes these three factors into account – on a weekly basis: twice a week moderate endurance training per week, two times light weight training for the home. On these four days, you must also pay attention to a healthy diet.
So that means: Three days a week, you can super compensate, so you’re free.
You can lose so much belly size
How effective the abdominal formula is is shown by a study has performed with 153 subjects.
Twelve weeks the participants adhered to the guidelines, thereby increasing their fat burning and reduced their waist circumference thereby on average by five centimeters.
Endurance as a basis
No price without sweat – this is especially true for figure training. And since endurance sports is one of the most important components. At least twice a week for about thirty minutes, beginners should train their condition to achieve success.
Whether you opt for Nordic walking, jogging, spinning, swimming, skating or cycling, it does not really matter. Choose the sport that you enjoy most, because that’s how you stay on the ball the longest.
It is important that large muscle parts are involved in the movement and the cardiovascular system is stimulated. This improves the metabolism of fat, which causes your body to more effectively access fat deposits in the abdominal, leg and buttocks areas as you progress to training for energy.
Exercise properly thanks to the pulse formula
In order to not overload, a heart rate-oriented training is advisable. Follow the pulse formula. It takes into account your age and fitness level.
Calculation example for a 32-year-old with a resting heart rate of 60, who has so far made little endurance, sports:
60 + (220-3 / 4 x 32-60) x 0.55 = 60 + 136 x 0.55 = 60 + 75 = 135.
At a pulse rate of 135 is the optimal load.
Strength training against belly fat
Muscle building and burning fat belong together because muscles are the natural enemy of fat pads. If you have a lot of muscle under your skin, you are lucky enough to burn calories while doing nothing.
Finally, muscles need to be fed – even when at rest: the more we have, the higher our energy consumption and metabolic rate.
The right diet
Burn more calories, eat less – this is the simple fat-away formula when it comes to losing weight permanently. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to implement the diet for four days.

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