Eight Uncomplicated Diet Tips for Your Bikini Figure

For you to keep your bikini figure or even lose a few pounds, for me reveals eight easy diet tips for everyday life.
Diet Tip 1: Keep track
A meticulous diet plan is usually not necessary! Small guidelines help you, however, to control yourself and to change the diet targeted. Vegetables and fruits, cereals and milk and dairy products should be on the menu every day. Also, make sure to drink at least 1.5 liters per day (preferably water and unsweetened herbal and fruit teas). Meat and sausage products, fish, fats and oils as well as sweets are of course also allowed, but in moderation.

Diet Tip 2: Imperial Breakfast
Have breakfast like an emperor, because with it you create a good basis. Start the day with yoghurt, cereals, fresh fruits and wholegrain products. This stimulates the metabolism, makes you rich thanks to fiber and is healthy. So you are not hungry so fast.
Diet Tip 3: Drink a lot
Sucking enough liquid is the key to losing weight. Drink at least 1.5-2 liters a day: Best of all mineral water, unsweetened teas or fruit juice in a ratio of 1/3 juice to 2/3 water. Water & Co. are naturally filling. Tip: Drink a large glass of water before each meal – then you will not be so hungry.
Diet Tip 4: Have a healthy snack
In between, you often come across the desire to have a small snack? Grab fresh fruits and vegetables! It is best to cut small bits (peppers, carrot strips, apple pieces) and nibble them throughout the day.
Diet Tip 5: 1 candy a day
You do not have to do without sweets. Treat yourself to a small chocolate bar or a rib of chocolate once a day.
Diet Tip 6: Eat slowly
During the meal, satiety sets in after about 20 minutes. Therefore, eat slowly and chew each serving patiently until the end. You will notice: even after small quantities you are full! Tip: Put off the cutlery in between – this will make sure that you eat a bit more slowly.
Diet Tip 7: The cravings under control
The natural enemy of the bikini figure: food cravings. Instead of a chocolate bar or a piece of pizza, you can brush your teeth or chew gum for a change! The minty taste neutralizes and numbs the desire for something sweet and greasy.
Diet Tip 8: Move in between, lose weight faster
Bring your body in everyday life on the move. From now on: staircase instead of elevator, bike instead of car and more often even bring down the trash!
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