7 Tips on the Way to the Desired Weight

You are as good as you are – even with a few pounds more! But if the top squishes here and pinches the pants, that can give the body feeling ever a small damper. For those who want to permanently lose a few kilos, we have practical tips.
The little seducer in everyday life
You are familiar with a healthy diet, but that with the slimming diet does not work anyway? And if the colleague lets go around the biscuit tin again, is no-saying just not in it? The following tips will change your eating habits and make you lose weight. Tip 1: Less stress, less pounds

Many people try to compensate for stress through eating – and often the choice then falls on high-calorie snacks. What helps? Regular relaxation, for example through autogenic training. The result: you nibble less, because you have learned to relax without calorie intake!
Tip 2: Moving regularly – this is also possible without a gym
Even short, but effective fitness exercises at home , paired with two, three walking or jogging sessions per week between 30 and 45 minutes help to bring the stomach, legs, butt to their best. Take your time for your exercise program and do not overstrain yourself!
Tip 3: Eat regularly
Prevent hunger attacks by eating three to five times a day. Very important: Use food that lasts and lasts long, such as soups, stews or whole meal pasta. So cravings do not stand a chance.
Tip 4: Eat the right thing
High fiber foods such as whole grains, vegetables and fruits have few calories. Especially vegetables, you can always eat plenty. Raw food pieces of celery, cucumber or carrot are a crunchy snack!
Tip 5: Targeted shopping
Try to resist sweet or savory sins in the supermarket. Write a shopping list at home and then really just put the things you need in the shopping cart.
Tip 6: Write down what lands on the plate
A food diary helps you to keep track of your eating habits. Write down what you eat during the day and check the calorie level every evening. Who wants to lose weight, should not take more than 1200 to 1500 calories for a while.
Tip 7: Motivate each other
A friend, neighbor or colleague would like to lose weight? Wonderful, then swap regularly! Many women find it motivating to go walking, jogging or swimming together. Shared training is twice as fun!
During sports we should not be in any way allergic or cold. The seawater is suitable for daily nasal cleansing and helps to prevent a blocked nose and to keep the nasal passages clear by removing residues such as dirt or pollen.

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