How Can I Lose Weight fast

To be honest, I always laugh when I look at the pages on the Internet that promise fast and really awful fat killer effective weight loss. Which foods are always touted as absolute fat killers? Chili as fat killer, grapefruit as fat killer, ginger and coffee as fat killer, water, onions.. Of course these alleged fat killer foods are not basically bad or unhealthy, maybe some even help with weight loss, but if you only Nonsense in it and does not do any sports will not help you either.
And all those 24-hour diets that are supposed to lose two kilos of fat in 24 hours – developed by the “nutritionist” and tested in alleged studies. Yes, that is incredibly innovative, certainly helps and costs only twenty Euros (attention, irony!).

The principle of this crash diet, namely an interval training at the beginning, then low-carbohydrate and protein-rich food as a fat killer and even a moderate training session, is in principle not pointless, but you should not succumb to the fallacy that you can lose 2 kilos of fat in 24 hours can.
You mainly lose water. Carbohydrates bind water in the body and when you empty your memory, you automatically lose water. As a rule of thumb, one assumes that one kilo of body fat has an energy value of 7000 kcal (kilocalories). So, to lose 2 kilos of body fat in 24 hours, I would have to burn 14,000 kilocalories. That’s a lot! So much that I would have to run an ultra marathon – or more – to get that amount of kilocalories consumed. The quiescent conversion of kilocalories (that is, what you can do when breathing, sitting, lying, sleeping) burns in a trained person at about 1,500 kilocalories per day.
If you still try to “metabolically stimulating” to eat, this may increase a little bit, but not in such a significant extent that you would somehow come to 14,000 kilocalories (which you have to burn so to lose weight of two pounds of body fat) , And the two training sessions do not change that. With luck you might then have a daily turnover of 3000 kilocalories. You notice, the bill does not work at all. So this has nothing to do with fat killer and diet miracle, but is just a show to make money with – in my opinion.
If you only care about your body weight (to lose weight), you can actually lose relatively much weight with a loss of water relatively quickly. But that has little to do with the loss of body fat. This is possible, as described above several times only with sports, muscle mass and a healthy diet. This will make you lose weight in the long term, honestly and, above all, reasonably healthy.

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