5 Meals On The Day: Who Wants To Take Must Eat!

Eating regularly to lose weight – that sounds like a dream! This is what Market from Berlin thought when she spoke with her nutritionist for the first time. ‘You have to eat if you want to lose weight. That was exactly the opposite of what I had thought.
Like many other people who want to lose weight, I realized that the less I eat, the better the pounds will fall. A fallacy! My metabolism did not gain momentum, my overweight remained, but thanks to a baseline, I learned to be balanced and to feed healthily, and now I’m 76 pounds lighter.

The subsequent enjoyment phase has amazed Market even more, because recipes such as hamburger, tiramisu and cheese spatula can be eaten carefree. Just eat really well – should that work?
We meet Market in the gym. There she trains her condition and muscle building. Meanwhile, she has made it to 62 pounds. I remember how ashamed I was when I first came in. I wanted to make myself invisible with my nearly 100 kilos, but the staff took me so warmly and looked after me so professionally that my fears were swift disappeared and my motivation grew day by day.
Five meals a day are normal for her today, which keeps her metabolism burning. Also, she already knows what should land on her plate. In the past, I was constantly nibbling, with little vitamins, lots of sugar and fat, and the appetite for chocolate and other sweets is reduced by the well balanced diet. Nevertheless, she could now resort to chocolate bars that have less fat.
But Market’s substitutes for sweets are often nuts. I enjoy, for example, a handful as a snack. Another snack alternative is fresh fruit. In the evening, she consistently abstains from carbohydrates. Why this is so important explains her nutritionist Tina Schmidt: The carbohydrates ensure that the blood sugar level rises. This insulin is released this promotes the formation of fat and inhibits its degradation.

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