With Easy Detoxification Yoga to the Dream Figure

Finally closing time! Would you rather have something to eat instead of training on the stepper? Yoga expert Kate Hall, wife of fitness coach helps prevent these daily habits! And thus pleads for a better body feeling with sports and healthy nutrition: Easy Detoxification Yoga is a blend of yoga, relaxation techniques and meditation. Plus: … Read moreWith Easy Detoxification Yoga to the Dream Figure

Exercises For a Strong Belly & Beautiful Legs

Exercise the abdomen to prevent back pain? What sounds contradictory can be explained simply: “Only in the interaction of abdominal and back muscles, a healthy, upright posture is possible,” said the sports physician Alexander Lorenz. Shows you strengthening exercises that can be easily done at home.
Young woman makes forearm support
Forearm support, also called Elbow plank, is a stabilization exercise and strengthens both the abdominal muscles and the back.
Dynamic Crunch – For the Snails Belly Muscles
Starting position: Supine, the lower back should be in contact with the ground. Then lift your legs so that your feet are facing the ceiling. The legs are spread about hip-width, the toes are drawn to the body.

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What Drinks While Dipping? 7 Hot Tips

With these delicacies, hunger attacks have no chance.
The essential oils of warm mint tea not only give a breath of fresh air, but also stimulate the production of hormones that sustainably slow down the appetite – and gets the digestion going.
The potion makes you awake, gives the fat burning a strong kick and stimulates digestion. Good to know: The biggest slim effect is achieved with an espresso after dinner.
South Africa’s national drink tastes sweet even without sugar and thus stops lightning fast the Naschlust.
Great extra: The bio materials of Rooibos tea also help with fat loss.

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5 Meals On The Day: Who Wants To Take Must Eat!

Eating regularly to lose weight – that sounds like a dream! This is what Market from Berlin thought when she spoke with her nutritionist for the first time. ‘You have to eat if you want to lose weight. That was exactly the opposite of what I had thought.
Like many other people who want to lose weight, I realized that the less I eat, the better the pounds will fall. A fallacy! My metabolism did not gain momentum, my overweight remained, but thanks to a baseline, I learned to be balanced and to feed healthily, and now I’m 76 pounds lighter.

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