How to Become Slim

Do you think you Slimweigh too much? Do you have too much stomach fat and do you really want to change it? Do you go with the dream of become slim? You can certainly stay there too! Although it may seem unmanageable, it is not an impossible situation – on the contrary! Read here and see how it can be done.

How do I get slim?

Yes, that is the question of a million kroner – and yet it is so simple:

You need to eat healthy and varied and you need to exercise.

You have to sleep enough hours at night and maintain a fairly good daily rhythm, where the days do not differ too much (sleep).

And finally, be careful not to be too stressed.

If you make sure to live like that, there is not much that can keep you from becoming slim. If you for one reason or another want to see quick results and if you feel that your overweight needs a push, then there are several different dieting that work. You can read more about them further down.

Some simple ways to slim down

  • Go to bed properly (remember to get your 8 hours each night)
  • Drink water! (everything else is a source of obesity – even if a single cup of coffee and a single glass of red wine does not hurt at all)
  • Make sure you move half an hour to an hour a day (walking, cycling, running, chipping, whatever you want)
  • Turn down your screen time (2 hours is more than ample and the less, the better)
  • Work out just a few times a week (get a training program that suits you so you train properly – and make sure that strength training)
  • Eat rye bread and avoid white bread
  • Take the stairs (well, it’s good enough, it works!)
  • Don’t be stressed (easier said than done, but … stress is the root of all evil)

Protein-rich food helps you on the road

It has been proven that if you have a more protein-rich diet then you will lose weight more and keep your weight better. This is because they saturate, and if you stay full during the day, do not overeat in the evening! Lean meat can be a good source of protein (eg chicken and turkey), but you don’t have to live entirely of meat if you want to lose weight or maintain your weight. Eggs, beans, lentils, vegetables, fish, chickpeas, tofu, nuts and shells are just as good a way to consume their proteins.


If you want quick results, or you have decided that something should happen right now, there are several different dieting that work and that keep you weighted. Examples of some regimens are the Sense regimen, the 5: 2 regimens, the C9 regimen, the Atkins regimen, the soup regimen, the 8 hour regimen, and the math course.

Diet plan is the way forward

A personal counselor in the form of a dietitian or dietitian can help you on the path to a healthier and better lifestyle. If you are looking for a dietitian or a dietitian, they will most likely make a diet plan for you that suit you and your life.

A diet plan is a plan of what you have to eat for a certain amount of time – for example, a month. The diet plan will be filled with healthy foods and you will, if you feel it, get exactly the number of calories you need to lose weight.

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