Weight Loss with Sport

SportsAnyone who wants to lose weight need not be afraid of heavy weights and strong muscles. For weight training not only prevents you from losing muscle during a weight loss phase, but also ignites the metabolic turbo and thus accelerates the fat loss.

A strong musculature helps you to lose unnecessary kilos. Especially if you put on exercises for the large muscle groups such as squats in training instead of crunches and sit ups for a slim stomach. Nevertheless, only a few weight loss coaches advise regular strength training.

A great myth of fitness is that you automatically build fat muscles through weight training and lose your female figure. Too much muscle building, however, is something more than lifting a bit of weight. Without a positive calorie balance, no bodybuilder muscles will grow overnight. Weight-loss training is ideal for losing weight because, thanks to intense strength training, you can enjoy the benefits of increased energy requirements even on rest days.

However, you should be patient when looking at the scale, because muscles are heavier than fat. It may therefore be that the number on the scales by strength training initially slightly higher. No reason to panic! They do everything exactly right.

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