Lose weight quickly – up to 10kg in 30 days!

Lose weight fastMisplace weight quickly as fast as possible as much as likely. The best by now five kilos in the first week. Without a lot of bells and whistle and background information. Is it that what you want?Every year people have a New Year’s resolution. Living healthier, losing weight quickly and getting back the figure I had at the age of 18. And every year ,90% of all diets fail again. Meanwhile, more than 60% of all Germans are overweight.
Where is the difficulty Is it the wrong weight loss advice Is it the lack of discipline and the lack of stamina. And what makes a good diet different my name is saydur. I am a deliberate biochemist author and coach and have dealt with such topics for over five years.

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The 10 Most Important Weight Loss Tips

 Weight Loss TipsLosing weight is no picnic. We have summarized the most important principles of a conscious diet here

  1. Eat when hungry

Many diets are based on keeping the calorie count as low as possible. This leads in the long run to a bad mood, can trigger food attacks and thus to failure with a big bang. It is better if you always pay close attention to whether you are really hungry and only eat.

If you feel hungry for control, do the following: Drink a glass of water first. Then set the timer of your mobile phone to 10 minutes.

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Weight Loss with Sport

SportsAnyone who wants to lose weight need not be afraid of heavy weights and strong muscles. For weight training not only prevents you from losing muscle during a weight loss phase, but also ignites the metabolic turbo and thus accelerates the fat loss.

A strong musculature helps you to lose unnecessary kilos. Especially if you put on exercises for the large muscle groups such as squats in training instead of crunches and sit ups for a slim stomach. Nevertheless, only a few weight loss coaches advise regular strength training.

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