Why Is Protein So Good For Weight Loss?

Weight LossAthletes in particular often pay attention to a protein-rich diet and weight loss. They also have to, because proteins are the fuel for their muscles. Proteins – or proteins – are the basic building blocks of the body and are used to repair damaged or to build new cell structures – for example, after training in muscle tissue.

To be able to utilize the ingested protein, it must first be broken down into its components – the amino acids – in the digestive tract.

Dairy and dairy products, meat, fish and eggs are the most important sources of animal protein and can be used by the body, particularly well, because the amino acid structure is similar to the body’s own protein and can be optimally utilized, explains nutritional and fitness expert Florentine Pick from Hamburg.

But vegetable foods such as cereals, potatoes, nuts or legumes (for example, lentils or soy products) contain protein and have the advantage that they are mostly fat-free.

When losing weight, protein is so useful because it makes you feel full for a long time and does not cause insulin levels to rise, which also prevents food cravings. If the body always enough protein available, he does not have to resort to reserves from the muscles. The hard-won muscles are retained and keep burning calories. Faster customer success is the result.

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