When Losing Weight Counts the Calorie Balance

 Losing WeightWhen losing weight, we often wonder why our body does not work as it should. Only we are not machines. Everybody is a bit different. Also in terms of nutrition, we not only have different preferences, but also – and this is very important – a different basic and performance. Never heard? Then it’s high time, because who does not know his performance, it will have a hard time losing weight (and also on the increase).

Because in the end, the calorie balance is always crucial: If you take in more calories than you burn, you are on the increase. And if you burn more calories than you absorb, you lose weight – it’s easy, right? But how many calories do you actually eat and how many do you burn daily? Do not worry, that sounds more complicated than it is. We explain all the most important basics:

Your individual calorie consumption depends on your basic and performance turnover. The basal metabolic rate indicates how many calories your body uses in complete rest to maintain vital body functions, for example while asleep. This basal metabolic rate varies with each individual and is determined by age, sex, height, and weight.

For example, muscles also ensure that the basal metabolic rate rises. But since you do not sleep all day or lie comatose on the couch, the basal metabolic rate alone is not really meaningful. A second value is needed, one that also includes sports and other activities (job, paths) – the turnover. About so-called PAL factors (PAL stands for Physical Activity Level), the power output can be calculated individually. Basic and power sales together make up the total requirement. However, since the formula for calculating calorie consumption is quite complicated, and we do not want to put anyone in mathematical distress, you can simply use our calorie calculator. He spits out the right result in a few seconds.

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