Fitness Tips after 50 years old

Fitness Tips for olderThe energy necessary to maintain the proper functioning of the body is gradually reduced from 50 years old. The body composition changes and metabolic needs are reduced, being necessary to adjust the calorie consumption to energy expenditure.

At these ages many men have already accumulated visceral fat in the abdomen area. This type of fat results in an increase in cardiovascular risk. The good thing is that it is the first thing that responds with a nutritional change and physical exercise.

In many women, osteoporosis already manifests itself. That is why it is important to strengthen the strength exercises and start doing others with joint mobility (stretching, water exercises and yoga).

The difficulties for weight loss in this age group are similar to other stages, although other obstacles are added to perform physical exercise due to mobility limitation or due to the appearance of other diseases (respiratory or cardiac pathologist), adding that special emphasis should be placed on preventing the loss of muscle mass, which is very accelerated during periods of bed rest. Early mobilization and active exercise, as well as ensuring an adjusted protein intake.

From 60 or 65 years old

In this stage of life problems may appear in chewing and swallowing. In easily chewed and crushed diets, carbohydrates (potatoes, pasta, rice …) are usually increased and protein consumption reduced (meat, due to its difficulty in chewing, and fish, for example). Choking risk with thorns). Therefore, we must make dietary adaptations that ensure a correct protein intake. From the age of 60, protein intake should already be 2 grams per kg of body weight, Isidro adds.

This expert considers of vital importance to do physical exercise because the loss of muscular mass accelerates, getting to be brutal. Therefore, both men and women have to strengthen their muscles.

In women it is essential to do balance exercises, practicing or with vibrating platforms, to avoid falls and breaks in the hip or femur.

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