Does Body Fat Really Make You Fatty?

Does Fat Really Make You FattyBody fat and fats as nutrients are not the same and the latter are not responsible for the former. Nevertheless, fat is the most energetic nutrient. On the one hand, this provides a lot of power – but with excessive enjoyment and the wrong composition of the fats, it can also lead to bacon loops.

However, it is also true that your body needs a certain amount of fat to sustain vital body functions. In addition, fat from the body bunker well and requires less space than, for example, carbohydrate compounds. Fats consist of fatty acids, distinguishing between saturated (bad) and unsaturated (good) fatty acids.

Foods like sausage, mayonnaise, chocolate, chips and finished products often contain hidden fats and many saturated fats – which only provide the body with excess calories, says nutrition expert Pick. On the other hand, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids in some cases fulfill vital functions in the body and have to be supplied through the diet because the body can not produce them themselves.

High-fat fish such as mackerel or herring, but also nuts and seeds and vegetable oils are excellent suppliers of healthy, unsaturated fatty acids such as omega 3 and 6.

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