The Best Recipes For Losing Weight

Losing WeightThose who are hungry and suffering during a diet can breathe easy for losing weight. It’s not necessary to walk the whole day in a bad mood. Overall, eating less than you consume is the key to dieting success. And that includes a low-calorie dinner.

Low-calorie dinner – that sounds like a few leaves of lettuce or a dry slice of bread. Not so exciting. Luckily, there’s a lot more! Just because you want to save a few calories at dinner, does not mean that you have to have a bland meal in front of you.

Tips for a quick, low-calorie dinner

If things need to be done quickly, there’s nothing like supper. Optimal for a low-calorie dinner is whole-meal bread. It does not have as much calories as a slice of white bread, but lasts longer and contains more nutrients.

Whole wheat bread reduced in calories

When topping your bread you should be careful, because in the refrigerator a lot of calorie bombs are waiting. These include, for example, salami or liver sausage. But there are a few low-calorie alternatives:

This bread covering is particularly low in calories:

  • Sliced ​​turkey breast
  • low-fat cream cheese
  • harzer cheese
  • feta
  • cooked ham

When spreading, the rule is: replace the butter with tasty and low-calorie alternatives. Super tasty and light are for example, tomato paste or spring quark on the bread .

If you are not satisfied with the bread alone, you should supplement it with plenty of vegetables. Tasty are, for example, vegetable sticks with a low-calorie dip of reduced-fat spring quark. Also perfect: tomatoes. 100 g come to only 17 kcal!

 Low-calorie dinner: salad

100 g of iceberg lettuce has only 13 kcal: so we can eat it until we feel full. All other leafy lettuce are similarly low in calories. A large bowl of salad is therefore a perfect low-calorie dinner.

To make the salad full for a long time, it can be refined with a little feta or a hard-boiled egg. But beware: Who raves with olives, croutons and tuna, quickly has a small calorie bomb on the plate. A look at the calorie information is worthwhile before the ingredient wanders into the salad bowl.

 Low carb with fish

Salmon, cod or plaice: Most fish are low in calories and low in fat. Perfect for a light dinner! The only exceptions are salmon, tuna, herring, eel and mackerel – these fish contain a lot of fat. Also shrimp and scampi are ideal for low calorie dinners. It’s especially low in fat, if you grilled the seafood on a skewer. It goes perfectly with salad.

Very important: So that the lean fish also remains lean, it should be fried or steamed in a coated pan in just a little oil. You should do without breading.

 Low carb with meat

Even with meat, a low-calorie dinner can be prepared. Ideal are turkey or chicken fillet without skin, because these pieces of meat are particularly low in fat and low in calories.

As with the fish: The meat should be prepared in a nonstick pan in low fat. For meat, vegetables or salad should be served as a side dish.

Light soups

Whether hot or cold: a soup is a favorite dinner. It is also low in calories, when thick ingredients such as cream, coconut milk or butter are omitted.

Real lightweights are vegetable broths with plenty of fresh vegetables. In addition a poultry-Viennese or a slice of bread may be served. By the way, during the summer months, Gazpacho tastes great, a cold soup.

Raw food with dip

A few carrots, half a cucumber, kohlrabi, peppers or radishes: If you do not want to do a lot of work, just cut a bit of raw food and enjoy the vegetables with a low-calorie dip.

Fat-reduced herb quark or paprika and cucumber quark are very suitable. Also very tasty and relatively light: tomatoes with a little mozzarella light.

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