6 Things You Should Do In the Morning to Lose Weight

Morning to Lose WeightThey say that the one who gets up early, Do In the Morning to Lose Weight helps you to get fit so this time we are going to rely on that saying to achieve things before lunch time. So there are no pretexts.

Try these 6 tips and you will see how your body changes and you will even have good humor, do not worry, you do not have to get up super early.

  1. Catch some sun rays

The first thing you should do when getting up is to open your curtains or go out a little to catch some rays. This is how you tell your body that the day begins and that it has to activate. It is also proven that the first rays of the Sun in the morning are the least harmful. You will have a revitalizing effect and you will start your metabolism since your biological clock is activated. The best thing you can do is go for a walk or jog for better results.

  1. Breakfast

You already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The first reason is that it activates your metabolism and fat burning. If you want to lose weight, eat something that contains protein and healthy carbohydrates. This will keep you satisfied for longer, control your cravings and burn more fat.

  1. Get active

 Lose WeightWe know you want to be lying in your armchair all day, but activating in the morning has more benefits than you ever imagined. By exercising early, you continue to burn calories in an accelerated manner for the rest of the day. It also makes you have more energy and therefore feel better mood, which will give you more encouragement to attend Christmas dinners with your family far away.

  1. Boot in a healthy way

Take advantage of your morning to put in your bag healthy snacks that you can take anywhere, so you’ll be ready for when hunger attacks you. Having an “ally” in your bag will prevent you from going to the store to buy potatoes.

  1. Take a tour inside

Your weight is intimately related to your feelings and if there is an emotional imbalance, it is very likely that you reflect it physically. Sit down for a few minutes and think about how this year went, what you can improve on and what you want to achieve next year. If you messed up, get rid of guilt and think about how you’re going to be better next year.

  1. Thanks

Thankfulness is also a very important part of your physical and emotional health. Thank your body, in doing so you will give it the value it deserves and you will begin to treat it better. Think about what fuel you are getting into and how you want it to activate and tone up. So when you exercise and eat healthy, you will do it in a more conscious way.

3 Simple Exercises to Do at Home and Losing Belly

Morning to Lose WeightThe 3 exercises to do at home and lose belly strengthen the abdominal muscles, improving posture, contributing to a better body contour and relieve back pain, which may be related to weakness of the abdomen. These 3 exercises to do at home and lose belly can be performed 3 to 5 times a week.

These exercises are great for losing belly because they are long lasting and low intensity, however, to get the best results in abdominal fat burning and silhouette definition it is advised that before these exercises are done 15 to 20 minutes of cardio, which can be achieved with a run or walk, for example.

To lose weight and not to re-grow, you should still take care of food, trading foods rich in sugar and fat for healthy foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and white meats. Check out the diet to lose belly.

Exercise 1 – Squatting

Move the legs apart, position the arms stretched out in front of the body and crouch, as shown above, for 30 seconds timed. See tips for doing squats without harming the spine in: How to do squats properly

Exercise 2 – Arm flexion

Lying on the floor and then resting your knees on the floor, flex your arms, as shown above, for 30 seconds timed.

Exercise 3 – Cross Climber

To start you should rest the two hands on the floor and remain on tiptoe, keeping the body still, stretched in this position. Next, one should stretch one leg and throw it to the side, as shown in the picture above, alternating both legs throughout the exercise.

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