Three Big Mistakes about Losing Weight

Lose weightSome misconceptions about losing weight are really stubborn and I keep coming across people who believe in them. Before dealing with the topics of fitness and nutrition, you often have a wrong idea of how your body works. Most of the time we women want to reduce our weight and think that the simple solution – reducing fat is nothing but reducing food – is also the right one. Most of us automatically think that they have to give up a lot, have a constant feeling of hunger and the resulting bad mood. In the best case one imagines that from now on only bland, unaccustomed food without fat and with a lot of vegetables to eat.
These images in your head are enough to convince many of us that the effort would not be worth it and quickly reject the desire to change their diet. So the first big mistake about losing weight is:
# The less the better (Food)
It is in human nature to always look for the easier way. But is he actually “lighter” and, above all, does he lead us where we want to go? Personally, I find it easier to do sport for an hour than to think about eating all day, and the water in my mouth starts to melt when I see it.
However, many find it easier to avoid eating and, above all, want to lose weight quickly and without much effort. Therefore, all sorts of diets and wonder pills enjoy so much popularity and are always Plan A if we want to fit in with the old pants again.

In the long term, however, the lightweight solutions do not work. In diets, we usually lose water for the first few days and think that we have reduced our fat percentage. Pretty soon, the body adapts to the restricted food intake and drives down the metabolism. We eat less and burn less. Add to that the question of how much longer we can do without, apart from the fact that it is counterproductive.
Another very unpleasant consequence of a drastic diet is the breakdown of muscle mass. Our muscles are the biggest energy consumer in our body. In the economy mode, the body tries to counteract energy loss and reduces muscle mass. The balance of a diet looks like this: we lose water and muscle, but usually very little fat.
We’re supposed to reduce the calorie intake if we want to lose weight, but by no means drastically. Otherwise, the body tries to maintain its fat reserves because it lacks energy suppliers. A reduction in intake of 200-500 calories is most useful.
If you do intensive cardio and strength training on the side, you should have enough energy. That’s why even cheat days are not that bad.
# The more the better (Sports)
The second big mistake about losing weight is that you have to sweat for hours in the gym to reduce your weight. Above all, one thinks of long cardio training and certainly not of muscle building.

Even when losing weight you should give priority to strength training. Because muscles increase the body’s metabolic rate and burn more energy.
Cardio units are the perfect supplement if you want to lose weight. Infinite Treadmill sessions are not necessary. Keep it short and intense. 20-minute HINT training burns many calories in a short time. Burped, Jump Squats or Lunges, Swings with the Kettle bell – many exercises can be integrated into a HINT workout.
Moderate cardio exercise is also stressful for the body and it responds with the release of cortical, a hormone that causes weight gain.
# Do not think in a straight line (Exercises)
There are still myths about detaining certain problem areas. Flat stomach crunches and tighter triceps kickbacks – it’s not that easy. Our body is thwarting us here as well.
You cannot lose weight through specific exercises on specific areas of the body. But what we can achieve by doing this is neglecting other muscle groups that are more important for fat reduction. When we train larger muscle groups, such as the leg muscles, we burn more energy in the same time. And losing weight means nothing more than consuming more calories than you eats. With full body exercises we are better advised in this case than with sit-ups and endless cardio.
My advice: Do not go the easier and faster way. He is not effective and does not make happy. A diet or a weight loss pill cannot provide you with energy, enthusiasm and pride. Sport can do that! These easy ways prevent you from living, filled with zest for life and self-assurance. Movement does not do that!

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