Sleeping Makes You Slim

Slim,sleepSlim in sleep – that just sounds way too good to be true. But studies have shown again that in deed possible. At least sleep has an important role to play in the process of weight loss and sleep should be used to lose weight.

Losing weight while sleeping: sleeping makes you slim

 Of course you cannot say in general: sleeping makes you slim. But a healthy sleep can greatly affect the process of losing weight, and the powers of sleep should be used in every diet. Anyone who has ever dieted and closely monitored their weight will know that getting up is always a little easier in the morning than at bedtime. This is basically due to the loss of fluid overnight. Every person loses about half a liter of fluid during nocturnal rest.

Overnight during sleep many different processes take place in the body. Among other things, tidied up. Poisons and waste are transported away and the body cleans itself. Naturally, the body needs energy to perform these cleansing processes. And he takes these from his fat reserves, because in his sleep, no energy in the form of food is provided to him.

Healthy sleep makes you slim

A healthy sleep is important for proper metabolism. During sleep fat should be burned, the lymphatic drainage takes place and the connective tissue is tightened. In order for all of this to happen ideally and to actually use the energy in the fat cells while sleeping, the diet needs to be adjusted. So, in addition to adequate sleep hours (about depending on the person), it is also important to eat the right food before going to bed.

 For example, the last meal in the evening should not be taken immediately before going to sleep, so that the digestive organs do not have to work during sleep. Ideal are about three hours between supper and sleep, so sleeping makes you lean actually works.

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