Five Simple Fitness Principles for Beginners

FitnessNot only in strength training but also in general, we adapt new skills by using the following procedure – from the easy to the difficult, from the simple to the complex. In the initial phase can be counterproductive to trying to train like a professional. The following fitness principles make it easier for you to start weight training:

The right training plan

Having a training plan definitely makes sense. So you feel more confident that you’re doing the right thing in the gym, you’re not losing time by standing around wondering what to do next. And most importantly, find out what works for you and get you closer to your goal. If, instead, your training is more or less devoid of plan and you eventually notice progress, you will not know exactly what caused the positive change.

Having a training plan is not enough. You should have a suitable training plan. If you’ve never done strength training before then you need a plan for beginners. Even if it is simple, it benefits you more than a super effective training plan for advanced.

Low intensity

Regardless of whether you want to lose weight or build muscle mass, as a beginner you should keep the intensity down. The primary goals you should have now are:

Achieve a basic level of muscle strength and endurance

The body needs a certain amount of time to adapt to the new strain. Therefore, you should not train to the personal limit and to total exhaustion. You should focus more on the correct execution of the exercises and prefer to train with less weight than you acquire wrong movements.

Total body workout

Suitable for beginners is a whole body workout, in which one loads all muscle groups within a training session. In the initial phase 2-3 times of training per week á 60-75 minutes are enough. So that you can train the whole body in such a short time, your training plan should consist of basic exercises that simultaneously occupy multiple muscle groups.

I find it particularly important to place special emphasis on exercises for the middle of the body, ie the abdomen and lower back muscles. A strong center of the body allows for more effective training and prevents injuries.

Even if I prefer training with free weights, it may be useful for a beginner to get familiar with the exercises first on the equipment. Since the movement is very limited and you cannot do much wrong. In my opinion, you should later use the benefits of training with free weights necessarily.


Between workouts you should pause for 1-2 days to give the body the necessary recovery time. Even if you are now fully motivated and want to see results quickly, do not make the mistake of going to the gym 5-6 times a week. While training, the stimulus is set, but the muscles do grow during recovery.

Progressive load

In the initial phase and later, it is very important to progressively increase the load in order to set new stimuli for the musculature. You can either increase the weight or the repetition number. Even if you do not intend full load yet, the last 2-3 reps would have to be exhausting at every set.

A slow execution of the exercises is very desirable, because the muscle remains under tension longer, which increases the desired effect. Concentrate on a controlled movement without momentum.

If you as a beginner follow these fitness principles, eat well, and give your body the necessary recovery time, you’ll quickly get positive results that will motivate you to keep going.

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