Exercise Tips For Whole Family

Exercise TipsThe goal is to show the child that exercise is as much fun as watching TV or having a good meal. As well as changing their eating habits, overweight children need the support of parents and / or other important caregivers (such as older siblings, friends, educators, and teachers) when changing their exercise habits. It is important that the child is always encouraged to be physically active while having fun.

Tips for everyday life


Create room to romp and move around in your living space.

Leave the car

Let your child walk and cycle as much as possible.

Moving toy

Give your child things that encourage movement, such as a bouncy ball, stilts, a skipping rope, a unicycle, inline skates or a kick board.

Watch TV

Limit television and computer games – set a daily / weekly limit, or allow these activities as a reward (in lieu of sweets) for accomplished tasks.

Help in the household

Let your child help out in the household more often – take out garbage, vacuuming or flushing out the dishwasher are also physical activities!

Sports club

Register your child in a sports club – especially team sports can greatly increase teamwork, discipline and self-esteem in children. But do not force your child if he does not want to – maybe he’s scared to be teased for being overweight.

Role model

If you are already doing sports, let your child participate in your program. Be a role model!


Praise your child for physical and mental accomplishments – even if they are so small in your eyes!

Put these tips into action now – they’ll help your child slowly get used to more exercise without over straining it.

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