Belly Fat Gone? Forget The Crunch!

 CrunchYou want to get rid of your belly fat by doing countless Crunches every day? You simply chose the wrong exercise. It is impossible to reduce the amount of body fat in certain areas of the body by performing, for example, sit ups for the abdomen or kickbacks for the angle arm.

I’ve long thought it unnecessary to write an article on belly fat and Crunches, but I keep coming across people who think that belly exercises are the secret weapon against the unappetizing buffing. It is not without reason that this is one of the most persistent fitness myths and is especially accepted by sports novices as the undisputed fact. It sounds so logical – if you want a six-pack, train your abdominal muscles. That’s not wrong either, but if you want a visible six-pack, the body fat should be low enough. There is no way around.

We need energy to exercise. After the body’s glycogen stores have been emptied, the fat deposits are used as an energy source. Genetic predisposition plays an important role in where the body first breaks down fat and this deviates very much from person to person.

Tummy exercises tighten and strengthen the middle of the body, no question about it. But in their execution, the body consumes little energy overall, because they are a small group of muscles. The fewer calories are burned, the less likely it is that our body fat percentage or excess belly fat will be reduced.

The perfect formula for getting a flat stomach is a combination of strength training consisting of complex exercises that involve multiple muscle groups simultaneously, and cardio workouts. The best would be a crisp workout at high heart rate.

The athletic load is still insufficient when the calorie intake is above the energy requirement. For this reason, one often hears the saying: Abs is made in the kitchen. A high-protein diet with plenty of fresh vegetables and healthy fats with a slight calorie deficit guarantees a slim body and a sexy belly. Nevertheless, you should not do without abdominal exercises that strengthen the middle of the body. Since the abdominal muscles play a stabilizing role in all exercises, they should only be specifically trained at the end of the workout. Tired abdominal muscles would only stand in the way of optimal training.

It may sound disappointing at first that you cannot specifically reduce fat at certain points and train your problem areas. But the body is just a unit. He is not just stomach, legs and buttocks. If you think about it better, it is better that the overall body image improves and not just certain problem areas. It takes a little longer, but the result is better.

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