The belly off diet: Flat stomach in 10 days

Flat stomach in 10 daysWith this belly-off diet you can lose up to five pounds in 10 days. How it works? shows you what to look out for. With these simple tips you can crack the kilos.

Most women have them and every one of them wants to get rid of them – the little flab that you do not care about until the bikini season. But hardly one has provided and the summer is coming. The problem areas have to get away as fast as possible! We say: 10 days is absolutely enough for a stomach-off diet! Here’s how it works.

The main rules of the abdominal-away diet

The most important basic rules in advance: Adhere closely to the plan of your abdominal diet. This includes four smaller meals a day – including a refreshing smoothie. In the first four days you consume only 1200 calories per day, on the following days in each case 400 calories more.

So the body gets used to small amounts of food and energy. Walk for at least five minutes after each meal. Exercise helps the body release the air that sits in the digestive tract. An important rule of the abdominal-away diet: Drink a glass of water every day with ginger, lemon, cucumber and mint. This calms the digestive tract.

Belly-Off Diet: Day 1-4

In the first four days of the abdominal-off diet, you can lose up to 14 inches in circumference and 3.5 pounds of weight. This is ensured by the right diet, because often the problem lies in the digestive tract. Often enough food and the right food to get rid of air and water retention.

You should therefore avoid foods that store water during this phase of the abdominal-away diet. These include: salt and finished products, bad carbohydrates like pasta, sugar and white bread. You should also avoid bloating foods such as beans, Brussels sprouts, onions, cauliflower and peppers. Carbonated drinks as well as chewing gum and sweeteners can also be responsible for the high gas formation in the gastrointestinal tract.

Belly-Off Diet: 5-10 day

In the second and last phase of the abdominal-away diet, devote yourself to the last two kilos. Now your body has become accustomed to the new metabolism and is willing to part with the supply of additional fat deposits. Now leave the bad crabs completely and enjoy avocado, fresh fruits, fish and lean meat. Also bread, pasta and pizza in the respective whole-meal varieties are allowed for lunch and dinner. So you do not have to do without anything and still save calories.

One last tip for your belly-off diet

Keep a diary! Then the change of the food will be easier. Write down exactly what you eat and how you feel about it. When evaluating your feeling of hunger before and after eating, you will consciously notice if your body has become accustomed to the new rhythm. This gives you a motivating sense of achievement very quickly.

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