5 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Your Belly Fat

5 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Your Belly FatYou are finally tired of your Lifebuoys around the stomach and you finally want shamelessly in a bikini to the beach? Then you should take our three helpful tips against belly fat to heart.

Belly fat is considered to be particularly difficult to get rid of at these fat stores are broken down in most women’s last. For the annoying fat accumulation is usually responsible for lack of exercise and poor nutrition. With these tips you are well on your way to becoming a fat-free figure.

Tip 1: Fight with movement against the belly fat

Although it would be very nice: but nothing comes from nothing. Getting rid of belly fat without doing sports is impossible. Still, you do not have to record anything. Just sit on the stairs instead of the elevator, go jogging and incorporate a few sets of sit-ups in your evening program.

Tip 2: Strength training as a belly fat 

It is especially important that you not only focus on endurance training, but also on strength training. Only during strength training is the metabolism stimulated even after the workout, and at rest, the stomach fat is burnt.

Tip 3: eat against belly fat

Do you make your everyday life sporty? Very nice. Now it’s time to adapt your diet to your sporty and healthy lifestyle! We therefore recommend you to create a diet diary. Write down what you eat and watch your eating habits. Fill your diet with plenty of vegetables, some fruits and whole grain instead of wheat products. Do not forget your water balance. Drink at least one liter a day and avoid unnecessary sugar altogether.

Tip 4: The right diet for a flat stomach

If you want a flat stomach, you do not necessarily have to eat less, but rather the right thing. Bloating foods should be removed from the diet because they make the belly appear thicker than it really is. So do not go for cabbage, raw onions, raw fruits or vegetables. Or at least process the products so that they are wholesome. Specifically, this means: Season the cabbage with caraway, briefly sweats the onion in the pan before eating, fries the vegetables and enjoy the fruit.

A suitable drink is still water or tea. Because carbon dioxide leads to air in the stomach and also inflates. This also applies to other carbonated drinks such as lemonade. Instead, integrate foods into your diet that stimulate digestion, linseed, ginger or peppermint. But not only the what, but also the how is crucial when eating. Why? When eating fast food also gets air in the stomach. Chew each bite therefore thoroughly before swallowing, because, well chewed is known to be half digested. So you also get full faster and eat less overall!

Tip 5: Flat stomach thanks to targeted workout

Effective training is important to burn fat. There are various possibilities, from functional training to belly dancing and Pilates. The best way to choose a method that you enjoy. Because at this point, only regular training helps to achieve lasting success!

Summer is here and many dreams of a flat stomach. We’ll give you two tips to help you get the problem zone in time for the outdoor pool season. It does not have to be a six-pack for most people. But especially in the bikini season, a flat stomach is the goal of many women. Fortunately, there are two simple tricks that make your body slim.

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