How to lose weight and burn fat while sleeping

lose weight and burn fatThose of you familiar with the lose weight and burn fat method will know that one of the things we always talk about is hormones. The hormonal environment of your body is critical to how your body uses the food you eat.

It is the hormonal influence on fat storage that makes the difference. If more people understood the role of hormones in fat, we would eventually be able to kill the myth that losing weight is a simple matter of calories versus calories.

The body just does not work like a bank account where, if you spend less calories and more calories, you end up less in your fat account.

When you eat, your body has a choice. What do I do with these calories? Will I use them up by becoming more alert and mentally and physically active, or will I store them in the form of fat for a rainy day?

Your hormonal environment will determine if your body stores fat.

So, while talking about hormones, let’s talk about insulin. Insulin is an important fat storage hormone. If your insulin levels are chronically elevated, that’s a good sign that your fat programs are on.

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Chronic levels of insulin to keep your body storing the food you eat as fat, and you’re chronically hungry for junk food. It is a doom-loop!

Fortunately, there is a way to take control, which is relatively easy.

It’s all about timing …

According to the International Journal of Obesity, a recent study in Spain shows 400 different adults trying to lose weight. They basically do the same thing – eat about the same thing and do about the same thing. The only difference is that half of them ate their main meal before three o’clock; the other group after. The group that ate before three o’clock lost 25 percent more weight than the other group.

Why that makes perfect sense

It’s about insulin levels in your body when you go to sleep. Insulin is the fat-producing hormone, and it needs to be lowered long enough before the body can start burning fat. This makes sleeping the perfect moment – that is, if you have not eaten too much before going to bed.

If you eat too much before you go to sleep, your insulin levels increase, your digestion slows down and your body goes into fat storage mode. In other words, you gain weight while you sleep.

Fortunately, the opposite is true. If your insulin level is low enough when you go to bed, you will burn fat – while you sleep!

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You can actually eat the same amounts, but by eating it sooner, you will lose fat instead of gaining fat. It’s not about calories and calories. It’s about the effect of the hormones on the foods that you digest and the time of eating.

Work with your body so he can work with you!

Once you understand the biochemistry of the situation, moving your hunger habits is a simple matter.

The best strategy is to eat more and eat less in the early stages of the day until you eat relatively little at night. Make sure you eat many nutritious foods, such as large salads with fermented foods, healthy fats and high-quality proteins.

This means that you take your larger meals in the late morning and early afternoon and a lighter, earlier dinner.

It’s not about calories, you can eat the same number of calories, just eat them earlier. What happens is keeping your insulin levels low enough at night to burn fat in the end. This is because you have changed the hormonal environment of your body before you sleep, to one that prefers weight loss.

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If you eat mostly at night, especially starchy, sugary foods, you increase your insulin levels and then your body goes into fat production mode all night. In many ways, it’s about timing as well as everything else.

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