How to Get Fitness And Healthy Life

Healthy LifeThe truth is that I do not know when it started to get fitness and healthy life. Since I remember I have always played sports. When I was 16, after asking and begging my mother, I was finally able to sign up for a gym. It was one of the birthday gifts that I remember most fondly! How happy I was that summer! I used to work as a waitress in the port of Ibiza and as a clerk in Mango in the afternoons, I would end up at night, but every day. I would get up at 7 to go to the gym with my mother.What a good time I had with the directed classes doing my first steps with the tape, where I drowned despite my youth, and where I made my first contact with the weights. How many years have passed since then! 18 and I still love the sport that, I can say, is part of my life since I was a child.

Now, I look at it with perspective and I see that without sport I could not live and that a healthy life is part of me. So I’ve come to the conclusion that. You’re a love of fitness and healthy life if.

You have more sports bras than underwear. In my case, I beat them by a landslide! I also feel more comfortable with sports, even the point that whenever the clothes allow me, I have used them before the normal ones.


You organize the sportswear by colors. I like to look at the sports clothes that I have and organize it in this way. I have so much, that only half closet is for fitness clothing. After all, it is my hobby and whenever I can also dress with her. I’m comfortable, it’s quick to put on and besides, I feel pretty with it. What else do I want?

You are a weird of healthy life and fitness, if every morning you look in the mirror, waiting for the miracle! Every day when I change my clothes I look in the mirror observing the areas that I like the least. My partner and my battles partner always looks at me and laughs because he already knows what I’m going.

The good thing is that, as always, they see us as perfect and we want more, do not we? I think it’s good to remain critical because this also motivates us to continue. If we had achieved everything, what motivation would we have? Do not you think it would be very boring? So, as I always tell you, that leads us to our goal!

If you have a collection of supplements that exceed your boyfriends list. I was never very prolific in pairs, but in any case, even if I had many, I think the supplements and aids would far exceed that list.

You’re also a love, if you have a compartment in your kitchen to store all your fit products. Those products that you buy thinking about you, for you and to take care of yourself. They are so important that they deserve a unique corner in your kitchen! In my case, I also have it, but very messy. Mental note: Fix that closet now!

You have magazines and books on health, healthy living and sports even in the bathroom. I assure you, in my case they do not fit in the basket that I have enabled for it. I keep them in my office, in my living room and in the bathroom. One day I will dedicate myself to counting them!

On the mobile you have more pictures of fitness girls, recipes, exercises, than any other theme! (My mother, I’m writing the post and I’m leaving. Yes, when I go to restaurants, I always take pictures of my dishes and those of others, to remember them and then turn them into more fit and thus have recipe ideas to make them more fitness and healthy.

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