6 Tips For Lose Weight From 40

Tips For Losing Weight If you have crossed the 40 as a woman, it becomes increasingly difficult to lose weight. We give practical tips on how it works. The older we get, the harder we lose weight. The reason is simple: women over 40 get into menopause. The body shuts down the metabolism, making it much easier for love handles to attach to the body. No one comes from this fact, but at the love handles. That’s how it’s done:

  1. Let’s check you through

A certain increase automatically sets in, if you do not change the diet, eat less or do a lot more exercise. If, however, you suddenly become very heavy (or lose weight), you should see a doctor.

Incidentally, you should also visit the doctor if you have not done any sports before, but now you want to start with them. He can tell you what to look for and which sports are recommended for you. If you, for example, if you have problems with the joints, swimming may be advisable.

  1. Find the right sport for you

Since you should do the sport on a regular basis (ideally 30 minutes at least three times a week), it is equally important that you enjoy it. Try different sports and find something to make friends with. If you’re always bored with the same sport three times a week, there’s nothing stopping you from pursuing several different activities.

  1. Avoid stress

Anyone who is constantly energized has a permanently elevated cortical level. The blood sugar level, in turn, drops, which leads to food cravings. (How to avoid them, we tell you here.) The energy of the ingested food is then not processed, but is particularly easy to fat.

Try to escape the stresses of everyday life as often as possible. Do yoga or progressive muscle relaxation and be mindful of yourself. Alternatively, you can use our tips to help you forget work stress in five minutes. The more relaxed you are, the heavier the extra pounds will be.

  1. Sleep enough

Good sleep is not only important for the psyche and a fresh look. Those who do not get enough rest at night slow down their metabolism, which makes it harder to burn ingested calories. Try to get enough sleep every night. By the way: this trick helps you to kick away within 60 seconds.

  1. Insert detox days

Not only does detox make you feel better and healthier, it also lets you tumble some extra pounds. You can choose between single days of the week or a 14-day plan for thorough detoxification.

  1. Eat consciously

The fact is that if you continue to do so now, you will inevitably increase because of the lower energy requirement. Change your diet and focus more on whole grains, fruits and vegetables and low-fat dairy products.

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