What is a Discharge Diet?

DietToday I start a discharge diet and I want to explain what it is, what it is for and how I will do it. If you remember, a few weeks ago I told you about my definition diet . During this time, I have greatly reduced the fat I accumulated in winter during the volume phase, but I have not reduced my weight much, which was my goal because I did not want to lose muscle mass. You can see the diet here.

At this point, now what I have to do is try to reduce the subcutaneous water as much as possible to try to better define the contours and see myself a little drier and more defined. But answering the question of the post and before entering the subject I want to explain what is a discharge diet .

Well, a discharge diet is a diet low in calories, with a very low volume of carbohydrates and very high in protein (hyperproteic). They are generally used in the world of fitness and bodybuilding to finish removing water (not fat) between skin and muscle before competitions. It is recommended not to do them more than three or four days in a row, and after the discharge phase, for a day or two, a hydrate loading phase is done.

I must tell you that it is the first time I have a discharge diet and I do not know how I will take it because, as I say, it is a hypo caloric diet in which I will only take 40 grams of carbohydrates a day . To give you an idea, a balanced diet should contain between 45 and 65% of carbohydrates, so that in a diet of about 2000 Kcal. between 225 and 325 grams of carbohydrates are ingested. Although I will only do it for three days, during these days I will be taking between six and seven times less carbohydrates than I would, but I will also continue training. So I’m sure I’ll feel a little low in energy, that is, it will use fat as a source of energy.

I want to emphasize that it is not a healthy diet or recommended and that you can only do three or four days. However fitness where I could tune my body naturally and without competing, just to experiment.

I also want to tell you that this diet is just an example of a discharge diet , but you should not do it. I give it to you as an example, simply on an informative level, so you can see what a download diet looks like . I will do it for three days, and then do a load of a day and a half.

One last important fact that I want to give you before leaving the download diet. Our body after a discharge diet is more defined and drier where we can see our more defined abs, but this state only lasts the days we do the download. Therefore, it lasts less than a week. The reason is that we are taking our body to an extreme that is not natural or healthy, so that our body to which we began to eat normal, retains all the water we provide to return to its natural state.

Example of discharge diet

► Breakfast

240 grams of egg white

A protein shake

► Half Morning

1 skimmed yogurt

1 can of tuna

► Food

200 grams of boneless chicken

1 skimmed yogurt

► Snack

2 skimmed yogurts

1 protein shake

► Dinner

180 grams of egg whites or 200 grams of hake

200 grams of vegetables

To cook: 20 grams of olive oil

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