How Can I Reduce Fat Without Cardio?

Reduce Fat How is the week going? Mine great, working, studying, training and already with the definition diet that in a few days read. But today, I want to dispel some myths about cardio and reduce fat! In full operation bikini, the most common error in women athletes is that we do many hours of cardio weekly with the absolute conviction that it will help us reduce fat and improve our physical appearance. However, the reality is that after months or even years of endless hours of cardio, we still do not see the changes and improvements that we had proposed, does it sound good?

In today’s post, I am going to explain some lies about cardio so that you have in mind that with strength work (weights) you can reduce fat effectively and shape your body.

Myth 1: To reduce fat the key is cardio and more cardio

Of course, many hours of cardio will help you reduce fat, but you will also lose muscle mass so that you will see how the buttocks, arms, legs are losing tone and shape. There will come a point where you will notice very flabby and you will think: ‘I do not understand if I go to the gym every day’. The reason is that, in addition, to reduce fat is also occurring in your body a physiological process known as ‘muscle Catholicism’, that is, your body to produce energy degrades muscle mass, so that if cardio is performed in excess, fat is reduced, but muscle mass and tone are also lost.

The Council: If you want to reduce fat effectively, it is advisable to perform cardio sessions of no more than 45 minutes and introduce a routine of weights 4 or 5 days a week where the muscle groups are worked separately: one day legs, another dorsal day, other glutenous.

Myth 2: At least 50 minutes of cardio to start reducing fat

It is not necessary to spend so much time doing cardio to reduce fat. The moment you start to burn fat depends on many factors, including adaptation to training and the type of metabolism that you have, but the more trained and more adapted to training you are, the faster you will start to use fats as an energy substrate, being able to Get to burn fat from the first minutes.

Also, even if you are not adapted to the exercise, with short duration training and high intensity of 25 minutes or more (training tips with little recovery time) you can burn fat for a longer time, after exercise. You have some examples of HIIT training here

The data: A high intensity interval training of a minimum duration of 25 minutes can make us lose fat up to two days after training.

Myth 3: Some of the theories that defend fasting cardio claim that more fat is reduced because the glycogen deposits are lower, but if you have dined the night before the deposits will be full of glycogen in the morning since during the night, the energy What our body uses comes from fatty acids because there is no intense activity that needs glycogen.

On the other hand, studies have shown that the improvement of fasting fat reduction is minimal, compared to performing the cardio after breakfast. However, by performing cardio fasting on a regular basis, you can lose muscle mass (muscle catabolism).

The advice: If you do not have time to have breakfast before going out to train, it is advisable to take at least one juice and some amino acids.

Myth 4: Cardio to reduce fat is better at a slow pace

This is a half truth. If the exercise is performed at a low intensity (over 60% of the Maximum Heart Rate) our body will burn more fat during exercise because it is the area where the use of fats as an energy source (lipolysis) is activated. However, what we have to take into account are the total calories that are used during the training and later to recover. Taking this fact into account, it is more advisable to perform cardio at high intensities because more calories will be burned (and therefore, more fat) during training and after the sports session to replenish the nutrients used.

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