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Over WeightFirst: You are not alone. I myself and puts out the Over Weight and they dieted a total of 3 times. However, dropping a total of about 45 kilos three times made me understand that I would never want to lose weight again, but I have to make a change of life. My took nearly 20 kilos and now I am in a situation that I never could no longer even the wildest expectations believe that those limousine just over a year of life change by dropping 20 pounds for the fourth time back.

But the former addition to us overweight is really half of Finland. According to in 2017 almost 3/4 of men and 2/3 of women were overweight. A quarter of the working age can be classified as obese. No need to take a look at a cell phone while on the metro or go to the swimming pool locker room so you understand that it really is not alone. It is already the first comforting idea. You were not as unique as you probably thought you were? I can tell that I was not one of them.

Secondly, there is nothing to be overwhelmed about overweight. You do not have to hide or attempt to cover up (with a variety of crayons and loose clothes), explain them, and you should not be ashamed of them. Certainly there have been many things to do with the situation and I believe that many of us have done their best to get rid of their over cookers. But when the means just have been wrong! They have been what the newspapers and the web are most likely to give us: the little ones that work, and who, by obeying obedience, will lose weight, but by following them, man does not change life, but changes his balance, nothing changes permanently and the kits return before sneezing. Not to mention the stress that even before the comeback of the kilos stresses that they will certainly come back.

Changes in life’s lifestyle are needed to make small changes in life, and the person who has lost the weight of creature and the creator of life can never return to their former habits. Express dancers do not change life, but life changes everyone by themselves. When you are sufficiently repeating the small new ways, such as a reasonable dose, adequate protein gain with food, a large amount of vegetables, regular eating, a morning and a lunch break, as much profitable exercise as possible, self-sufficient, sensible training, adequate sleep and rest, these changes become routine. First, conscious activity and thinking is required, and suddenly you will notice that your lord, the ways he learned some time ago, has become a routine. It took me about a year to get changes to routine. Now I do not know them anymore, so they come from the spine.

Thirdly, Stop thinking that you cannot. You can instantly start using different ways than before. (This edit: of course depression, other illnesses and constraints can affect, but I’m not messing them in this post). Yes you can, if I could! But if you follow the same ways you’ve been slimming so many times before, you cannot. That’s the secret. So forget about those darts and power boots, dribbling yourself with too much exercise, denying yourself and restricting your diet, weighing the food and calorie calculation, broccoli and chicken fillets in plastic bags! Why should they forget it? Well, think the last time you dropped your weight. They did not work. If you really want a lasting change, does it all the way you did before.

Fourthly: Get started right away. Yes, start right away today and eat a decent breakfast. I know that the catch with her delight is coming, but still start right away. We do not make changes in the past or next Monday, but we are doing it today and in the moment that is the only one we ever have. Start now! Do not ruin any of the Monday to start a short break, but enjoy it. It’s one of the seven best days of the week!

Fifthly: Stop worrying about a step. So what is being discussed above? Do not think of the old cliché words that taking the first step is difficult. Bullshit! The first step will take you to an adventure where you go to the new one, with the effortless and comfortable means. If the shortcut and the teens have felt in the struggle and struggle, I can agree with your opinion. That’s what they are, just a hell. But when you lose weight with life change, you do not even notice that you lose weight! When I dropped 20 kilograms in the course of a fair year, I did not lose weight in grams. This last and lasting trip could not even be compared to the pain and stress, stress and fatigue of my weaning age (6).

You can also get it easily and effortlessly if you want. Without stress and struggling with chips. Perhaps the difficulty of weight loss is that, ultimately, changing those little things is so easy that it does not seem to work well for it and therefore it does not attract us because we have heard that hard work is rewarded. Here we go!

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