A Weird of Healthy Life and Fitness

 Healthy Life and FitnessYou are a weird of healthy life and fitness, if every morning you look in the mirror, waiting for the miracle! Every day when I change my clothes I look in the mirror observing the areas that I like the least. Joan (my partner and my battles partner) always looks at me and laughs because he already knows what I’m going.

The good thing is that, as always, they see us as perfect and we want more, do not we? I think it’s good to remain critical (up to a certain tolerable level) because this also motivates us to continue. If we had achieved everything, what motivation would we have? Do not you think it would be very boring? I think so!! So, as I always tell you, that leads us to our goal! Continue reading “A Weird of Healthy Life and Fitness”

The New Fitness Trend -Ballet Fitness

Ballet FitnessA supplement approximately the Ballet fitness, to which you already know that I am definitely tender, and its added version more popular and adapted to all audiences, ballet fitness.
The conclusive is that I have settled to chat approximately it, because it turns out that yesterday afternoon, we had a Center daylight at my school of ballet, and we could pay for on whomever we wanted. My fashion commentator, if she wanted, to the front and accompanied me. He spent the afternoon with me in a classroom full of dancers without having taken a ballet class in his enthusiasm. He did the stretches taking into account a jab, worked the benefit, did the abdominal and dared even following the jumps and make figures as if he were a genuine dancer. Continue reading “The New Fitness Trend -Ballet Fitness”

Hey you Over Weight!

Over WeightFirst: You are not alone. I myself and puts out the Over Weight and they dieted a total of 3 times. However, dropping a total of about 45 kilos three times made me understand that I would never want to lose weight again, but I have to make a change of life. My took nearly 20 kilos and now I am in a situation that I never could no longer even the wildest expectations believe that those limousine just over a year of life change by dropping 20 pounds for the fourth time back.

But the former addition to us overweight is really half of Finland. According to in 2017 almost 3/4 of men and 2/3 of women were overweight. A quarter of the working age can be classified as obese. No need to take a look at a cell phone while on the metro or go to the swimming pool locker room so you understand that it really is not alone. It is already the first comforting idea. You were not as unique as you probably thought you were? I can tell that I was not one of them. Continue reading “Hey you Over Weight!”

Fitness And Healthy Life

 Healthy LifeNow, I look at it with the perspective and I see that without sport I could not live and that a healthy life is part of me to the point that it borders! So I’ve come to the conclusion that. You’re a lover of fitness and healthy life.

How are you? For some time I wanted to write this post. A post in which I raise the level for healthy living and fitness. The truth is that I do not know when it started. Since I remember I have always played sports. I started three years doing ballet at school, then at an academy with a teacher that I loved very much and then I continued doing Ballet at another well-known Academy. Continue reading “Fitness And Healthy Life”

How Can I Reduce Fat Without Cardio?

Reduce Fat How is the week going? Mine great, working, studying, training and already with the definition diet that in a few days read. But today, I want to dispel some myths about cardio and reduce fat! In full operation bikini, the most common error in women athletes is that we do many hours of cardio weekly with the absolute conviction that it will help us reduce fat and improve our physical appearance. However, the reality is that after months or even years of endless hours of cardio, we still do not see the changes and improvements that we had proposed, does it sound good?

In today’s post, I am going to explain some lies about cardio so that you have in mind that with strength work (weights) you can reduce fat effectively and shape your body. Continue reading “How Can I Reduce Fat Without Cardio?”

What is a Discharge Diet?

DietToday I start a discharge diet and I want to explain what it is, what it is for and how I will do it. If you remember, a few weeks ago I told you about my definition diet . During this time, I have greatly reduced the fat I accumulated in winter during the volume phase, but I have not reduced my weight much, which was my goal because I did not want to lose muscle mass. You can see the diet here.

At this point, now what I have to do is try to reduce the subcutaneous water as much as possible to try to better define the contours and see myself a little drier and more defined. But answering the question of the post and before entering the subject I want to explain what is a discharge diet . Continue reading “What is a Discharge Diet?”

Best Exercises for Women Fitness 

 Women Fitness The Best Exercises for fitness purposes of each woman are different, some want to increase their muscle volume while others flee to that possibility. It is important when entering the fitness world to have a clear objective, according to what you want to achieve later on, such as improvements in your health and lifestyle as participation in competitions, based on these and your body type the exercise routines will be adapted. Better results with you.

In this opportunity we have prepared a list with the best exercises for women’s fitness, whether you just start (beginners) or for girls with more time in this lifestyle, includes your favorites in your routines. Continue reading “Best Exercises for Women Fitness “

The 7 Rules of A Fitness and Healthy Woman

Healthy WomanToday I bring you an extra post with the Fit Council of the week, where I expose very clearly and easily the 7 rules of a fitness and healthy woman.

However, before launching, I want to tell you that almost every day I receive messages in which you explain to me that you want to be thinner, when in reality what you want is to be more fitness and have more sporting forms. Where is the confusion? Well, the confusion is that many of you still and taking very restrictive diets and low in nutrients (error), you still see that you have a layer of fat that does not let you see your abdominal (for example) and for this reason, you follow thinking that you should lose more weight. But it’s not about losing weight, it’s about reducing fat while maintaining or improving muscle mass. For this, you must follow these 7 rules of the fitness woman: Continue reading “The 7 Rules of A Fitness and Healthy Woman”