Get a Flat Belly Reducing Stress

Flat Belly Today I come with a very interesting post that will help you get a flat stomach by reducing stress levels. To get a flat stomach, in addition to a proper diet in which you must make 5 meals a day, take at least two servings of vegetables, a piece of protein in each meal, three pieces of fruit, whole grains and drink plenty of water;

It is also advisable to practice sports on a regular basis. You already know that I always advise combining aerobic exercises with strength exercises with machines in the gym. With all this, you should start to notice improvements and see that your belly is shrinking. If after all this, you see that you still do not get a flat stomach, it can be due to two more reasons:

The first is that you may have some food intolerance, I advise you to go to a specialist doctor and do the tests. He will tell you if you have any intolerance and will design a diet so that you do not miss anything at a nutritional level.

The second reason is stress.

Stress causes us to accumulate fat in the middle area of ​​our body (belly) and as much as we do sports and take care of food , it will be hard to see our belly flat . So today I want to give you a series of tips to reduce stress and help you get a flat stomach.

In the first place, I want to say that there is a good stress, it is known as distress, which is that which occurs in specific situations and in the right amount allows us to do the tasks faster and better. Bad stress is when it becomes chronic and we are always on alert. It is known as distress and some symptoms are headaches,   back or neck, irritability, bad mood, insomnia, stomach pains, nausea, constipation.

4 Curiosities about stress

Who do you think suffers more stress, man or woman? I thought it was men, but it is women who suffer the most stress due to a physical issue. Women’s brains are more sensitive to the action of a hormone because they have a greater number of receptors for this substance. Being more sensitive to this hormone, female neurons are more likely to trigger stress.

Stress is contagious.

There are different universities that have studied it and have come to the conclusion that physical proximity fitness, emotional with a person who suffers stress so that his partner or people around him also suffer it is what is known as empathic stress.

Adopt a dog.

A study from the State University of New York reveals that people who have a pet have statistically less stress, this is because the act of petting, walking and playing with them reduces cortisol levels.

7 tips to combat stress and get a flat stomach

Recognize that there are things we cannot change to not alter, will also reduce our level of stress. For example, accept that we have to drive two hours to get to work and find ways to relax.


Performing physical activities every day is the best and easiest way to deal with stress. When exercising, our brain releases endorphins that make us feel good.

Sleeping the eight hours we need, eating healthy and avoiding sugars will make us feel more energized. This will make it easier to handle any problems that may arise and to feel less stress.

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