How Yoga Can Help You Lose Weight

Calories burningYoga is not put so a large amount in the weight loss context as other new age, exercise routines, be it Gym or Zumba. May be this is because yoga is not a physical exercise in the sense these methods are. This mysterious science of mind, body wellness can be rooted in ancient India now in everywhere the approach to health was holistic, taking in physical as well as mental impacts into the fold of health development.

Therefore, if yoga is to be posited in the weight loss context, it has to be a conscious change in fitness as well as food habits. Add synchronized breath to body movement with that and we have a fully successful weight control schedule with yoga.

Let’s go from first to last a list of postures and breathing techniques of yoga necessary to our purpose:


A really basic yoga pose meant for all age groups and practice levels, simhasana or the lion posture is noted for its weight reducing capacity. Facilitating a taut stretch in the thorax and spine, as well as facial muscles by means of this posture, you can vanish an rising double chin within no time and also wither elsewhere your cheek muscles.

The pose is riddled by means of multiple benefits. With continuous practice, simhasana can level out stress and tension in the chest and face. Besides, simhasana brings life to platysma a thin rectangular muscle that lies at the throat’s front. Keeping this muscle firm is likely through simhasana as well as this keeps the doubling chin absent.

The profit of this pose spread in the whole facial zone, get rid of respiratory tract infections, make well bad breath, relief as of treat stuttering, back pain, clenched jaw, as well teeth grinding.


Ananta means infinite, with denotes the capacities of Lord Vishnu- the supreme creator. This asana is deemed fit for everybody at the beginner-intermediate level. Besides a deep make bigger in the legs, it is as well a hip opener with serves as a balancing technique in the reclined place.

You are welcome to use yoga props and body balancing pillows to achieve the deepest impacts of this posture. Also, it is advisable to resist by exhausting yourself in this posture if neck and shoulder is an affliction you are dealing with at the moment. On the extra hand, if your suppleness permits, by drawing the lower knee earlier to your ear, the posture able to be deepened.

The targeted area of fat dilution and  this posture is the stomach and upper back. By toning abdominal muscles, this posture improves digestion. Besides, it stretches and builds might on the sides of the torso, the hamstrings are strengthened, and weight is cut down in hips plus thighs.


This is the eighth pose in the Surya Namaskara cycle of postures. Resembling the raised hood of a serpent, this energizing backbend helps in providing few impacts on the lower abdomen somewhere fat layers tend to accumulate.

The bhujangasana is a big pose meant to control metabolism and put a check upon casual weight increase. It builds strength with stimulates the digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems, thus gifting the practitioner with momentous health profit. You can as well take up bhujangasana for the shaping of the buttocks, and toning up the free muscles of the lower belly.


Pranayama otherwise synchronized controlled breathing is an integral division of the yogic regulation. The regulation makes sure of burning too much fat in the body by hyper activating the metabolic speed. There are a digit of useful pranayamas—Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, Suryabheda, with more.

Yoga as well as pranayama is also observed for its consequence on the hypothalamic centers of the body which results in the control of thirst and the sensation of satisfaction. As you obtain a satiated feeling with consumption of a lesser quantity of food, weight loss will become expected.

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