10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Easy Ways to Lose Weight FastIf you want to lose weight fast, because those 2 kilos of more make your clothes do not stay the way you would like, we recommend putting these 10 very easy tips to lose weight fast and get back on track. Soon you will feel comfortable and light as always. You do not need to do horrible diets or an endless hour of exercise, to resume some good habits is enough to see a change.

  1. 20 minutes before the meal drinks a glass of natural water, it will make your digestion easier and you will eat less. Many times we overeat because we are really thirsty, but when they put us the Milanese ahead, many of us eat and then we moisturize. This causes us to lose control over the portions.
  2. Say goodbye to the dressings, the salads do not work if they have tortilla chips, ranch or mayonnaise. Use lemon to flavor it. There are salads of more than a thousand calories, so always, you always have to ask for the dressing separately in the restaurants (the Caesar salad, for example, it’s the devil).
  3. Write a journal of what you eat. Take control over the amount of food and drinks you eat. Studies have shown that people who keep a record of everything they eat manage to fall 50% more than those who do not. That happens because we often do not realize how often we “try” things, or we forget to count tortillas at meal times and rolls at dinner. Help more than you think!
  4. Park away from the entrance doors. Walk as much as you can during the day. Those 30 minutes of exercise that doctors recommend are essential for your body to function well, but they do not have to happen in the gym.
  5. Avoid eating bread, but if you cannot stop it try to make it integral. It has more fiber and less calories. And if you find bread Ezekiel is much better! You will feel satisfied for much longer and provide you with vitamins and fiber that your body needs to process food.
  6. Avoid refreshment and replace with water. If you cannot survive without refreshment, consume only 1 per day and be on a diet (if you normally take diet, limit consumption on weekends).
  7. Avoid super central corridors, there are processed products. When entering the store, stick to a bank and walk only those aisles. There you will find meat, fruits, and vegetables.
  8. Prepare your meals at home. And when serving, use the smaller dishes. If you are hungry, wait a few minutes before returning to serve.
  9. Remember that the size of a healthy portion of meat or fish should be the size of the palm of your hand. Do not overdo it, eating half a kilo of fried chicken will not help you Lose Weight Fast.
  10. Take the stairs and avoid the elevators. For every 30 min, you do you will lose an average of 300 calories.

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