Lose Weight by the Type of Figure

Lose Weight All slender people are slim the same, and every fat man is fat in his own way (so Tolstoy forgives such a free paraphrasing). General recommendations for those who want to lose weight, very conditional. Each organism is individual, and the program of actions should be made taking into account all nuances, even the most insignificant. Not the least role in the list of significant factors is played by the type of figure.

How to to reduce the fifth point, and apples – to remove the extra centimeters from the waist?

Unfortunately, with a decrease in weight, fat from problem areas is the last to go. It is useless to swing the press to reduce the waist, or crouch with weighting to reduce the volume of the hips. However, scientifically based recommendations on nutrition and training programs will help to correct the figure correctly.

Features: fragile top and a massive bottom.

Physical exercise: in no case can you swing your legs and hips, as with increasing muscle mass, problem areas will only increase in volume. Aerobics, lessons on the treadmill or cardiovascular equipment, strength exercises for the shoulder girdle and hands are shown.

Nutrition: strict diets will lead to the fact that, against the background of lean hands and translucent ribs, the lower part of the body will look even more massive. It is enough to adjust the diet: exclude confectionery, sausages, fast food and white bread, replacing them with fruits, cereals, lean meat and fish.

Features: Thin hips and legs, fat predominantly in the abdomen and chest.

Physical exercise: aerobic training, exercise bike, step aerobics, pilates. Exercises on the press should be minimized, otherwise after 3-4 months of training, the apple will look like a bun on thin legs.

Nutrition: A balanced diet with a high content of foods that contribute to body cleansing (kefir, bran, flaxseed).

Features: lush chest, thin waist, steep hips.

Physical exercise: functional training (cardio, ellipsoid, any kind of aerobics, excluding step). Alternation of cardio and strength exercises. It is important to symmetrically load the shoulder girdle and hips, so that the accent does not shift in one direction or another.

Power: no diets! To achieve ideal proportions, it is quite enough sweets and other goodies to eat before noon and give up a rich dinner.

Features: The waist volume differs little from the volume of the chest and thighs.

 Physical exercise: categorically prohibited exercises with a load of oblique abdominal muscles, from which the waist will become even wider. Classical squats and exercises with dumbbells allow you to pump up the hips and chest, so that the waistline will look much thinner.

Nutrition: People of this morph type do not need strict diets. Fractional meals in small portions and a diet rich in fiber and protein will help achieve more feminine forms.

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