Top 5 Effective Ways to lose weight fast

Top 5 Effective Ways to lose weight fastEach year at the same time – on the eve of the bathing season and New Year’s Eve – Girls and women are thinking, how in a short time to get rid of extra kilos. Before the main holiday of the year, there is very little time, and then it’s time to act. We found the 5 most effective ways to lose weight quickly. It is time to act!

1: Emergency    

The stars, which dramatically changed the image of the New Year, of course, the most obvious way to get rid of the extra kilos – go on a diet. Immediately the question arise – to what. Of course, the ideal is to consult a dietitian, so he made the menu for you. But, you will not do it, each of us.

The process is lengthy and not always effective. There are diets that work for all flawlessly. One of these – the protein Dukan Diet. Three weeks (each lasts this diet different times) can lose weight five to ten kilograms. As with all protein diet, it avoids the feeling of hunger, as a large list of acceptable products. However, it has a major drawback: the excess of protein products and the rapid loss of fat cause cruel intoxication.

TOP 3: The most popular diet Ducane Diet consists of four stages. The first, “Attack”, lasts 5-7 days. At this time, it allowed to eat meat and poultry without skin, fish, eggs, dairy products, and certainly, this should add 2-3 tablespoons of bran daily. In the second stage (it lasts until the ideal weight is reached) in the diet, you can add raw and cooked vegetables. On the third – you can eat fruit. And the last stage can finally return to their normal diet, but once a week is necessary to put together the protein day.

 2: Unobtrusive

If you need only a little to lose weight, it is not necessary to resort to emergency measures. 500 calories is enough to rule out every day. In what ways? Firstly, the need to reduce calories. You can not even notice major changes in the diet, and it will bear fruit. For example, you are accustomed on the way to drinking coffee with cream. At the time of relaxing

Lose weight by thinking emulsion, milk or did refuse them – and now reduced calorie beverage. Accustomed to fill salads with mayonnaise? Try to replace it with sour cream with grated garlic and chopped herbs. By the way, if the place to this you will lean on dairy products, you will lose weight even faster. 250 kcal quietly “go away.” With the remaining 250 can make it even easier – “hit” them exercise. First, the longer walk: the office, the streets, climb the stairs. In the evening do at least 10 sit-ups. It would seem that methods are very simple, but what effective! For a couple of weeks, you can get rid of 2-3 extra kilos.

3: Unobvious

Another effective way to burn fat – wrappings are particularly effective mustard or vinegar. For Lose weight by the rules of science to accomplish the results you need to pass the course of treatments, depending on your needs – from 5 to 10 wraps helps rid the body of toxins and fluid, and thereby takes the weight.

You can make wraps at home. To do this, you need to steam the skin, clean it with a body scrub and massage. For dry skin, apply makeup for body wraps (egg, mustard powder). Then close all smeared film portions, wrap her body, but so that it is not tight. Dress warmly and wait for 20-30 minutes, then rinse composition.

4: Nice

On the eve of the new year, many of us on the cinematic tradition, go to the bath. On its benefits, of course, it is known to all. And here is that with the help of a pair can be to lose weight, some are skeptical. And in vain! Getting rid of two or three extra kilos is really possible. If you act correctly, your fat begins to rip into minerals and water, releasing large amounts of energy.

Rule one: Do not pour cold water. Otherwise, perspiration can be reduced. Instead, the desired               5 mistakes in the struggle for a slender figure to lose weight in the sauna should obits hot salt water. Then you need to wrap myself in a blanket and sit as 10-15 minutes, and then just go to the dressing room to breathe air.

Rule two: Do not drink before, during and after the bath. Your task – to get rid of the fluid, rather than buying it. If the mouth is dry, eat a slice of apple, orange or lemon.

Rule Three: Do not overdo it. Of course, those who want to lose weight, you need to be in the sauna, two to three times more than usual, but still it is worth remembering that the bath can harm health.

5: Visual illusion

For those who cannot tolerate baths, diet, and do not have time to body wraps and massages, it is recommended to resort to deception – visual.

Beautiful tan will help “reduce” you for a couple of centimeters. Go to the solarium, or put on a skin-tanning cream (and better – ask your friend, because it does not distribute so easy), especially pay attention to the face, hands and neck. Already suntanned face highlight cheekbones dark powder and make emphasis on the eyes.

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