How to always been slim and fit

 slim and fit.Women can take advantage of our taste for fashion to make the most of the costumes, minimizing disharmony that trait to the general body slim and fit. We encourage you to entertain combining clothes, accessories and shoes, while more beautiful lights using these tricks. Speaking of aesthetics, those extra kilos are not the only thing we wanted to not be noticed. Regarding physique, most people have their details to solve.

It is medically proven that stress is one of the worst enemies of the body, since it causes the progressive deterioration of mental health of individuals, in addition to physiological responses unexpected, ranging from hair loss, until the disappearance of menstruation. Recent studies show that women who enjoy svelte must be alert because the prolonged presence of this disease triggers internal reactions that contribute to the accumulation of fat just in the abdominal area.

Many believe that the relationship between stress and fat is limited to food, because usually, when dominates anxiety, people tend to eat more carbohydrates and sweets, especially between meals. However the hormone cortisol is directly involved in the evolution of that unwanted belly. Dieting is not enough; it’s time to find ways to manage stress that leads inside.

Hormonal issue

The so-called stress hormone systematically affects the whole body. When anxiety levels are high, immediate brain reaction man Tejada by the pituitary gland is to secrete a hormone called ACTH, responsible for stimulating the adrenal cortex to cortisol is released. Finally, cortisol, a steroid, which is responsible for regulating both the glucose metabolism in the blood, as the response given by the body to external stresses. Basically, cortisol has the task of supplying enough power to the individual as to who can deal with situations that overwhelm him.

Typically, cortisol levels are high in the morning, since the body must be alert, and low overnight. However, people who are constantly under stress, maintain high levels of cortisol in the blood, which directly influences the metabolism of fats, since this hormone mobilizes fatty acids from adipose tissue, while contributing their accumulation around the organs, especially in the abdominal area vulnerable.

Among other things, it was found that cortisol may also affect the immune system, fertility and preservation of the bones; and generate the memory loss and the onset of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, the latter product increased values excessive sugar in the blood and decreased consumption by the cells.

Ideal for long dresses and skirts: the knee. It offers elegance, is suitable for all ages and hides Extra kilos. To increase the reducing effect especially on thighs and hips, close the bottom of the garment between the knee and a few centimeters into the thigh, leaving more inflated the upper area.

Colors for dresses, long blouses, sweaters and any clothing that intercept the area of the belly, black colors mixed with cream, beige or pastels. Be sure to locate the black in the abdomen area you want to hide.

More than the color, size is the key. If you want to hide a prominent rear choose a large, flat portfolio. Another trick is to adjust to the precise height of your bag strap. Drop the portfolio above the waist or under the thighs, the important thing is to prevent is at the same height of the area you are looking to lose weight. Prefer square or rectangular shapes.

Pants: to conceal and even disappear a bulging abdomen, she prefers models without folds, with smooth front seams and closures which are thin or are located back or sides. In this sense also it helps the type of fabrics, regardless of thickness, look at the texture and ability to remain smooth. Another option is to use a pair of front traditional but adding a wide, flat belt.

Blouses, tops and shirts: choose long models and can be worn over pants. No need to use all set to look feminine and sexy. Besides accounts with variety of elegant and casual prints, ideal for creating low-kilos optical illusion. For three quarts sleeve blouses or to the elbows, sleeves bat prefers style and flutter. These blouses with his touch airy are ideal for wide arms disappear while you highlight coquetry.

Patterns, shapes, colors to disguise wide thighs, skirts and dresses, play with vertical lines, especially sandwiched between a light color and a dark one. You can also use only one type of wide black vertical line or area on the sides of each thigh.

Shoes: high or medium taco, looks that are soft and quality to keep walking comfortably regardless of height. They are preferable naked in spring – summer.

General tips to look thinner

To decrease the middle of the body, wears skirts and dresses fall in the thinnest part of the leg, prefer classic buttoned shirts.

Conceals a prominent upper body using tailored jackets, V – neck , rather shorts, with large back pockets and long necklaces.

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