Modern methods of slim figure correction

Slim figureExperts say that slim figure correction it is a complex problem. And it is not restricted to getting rid of extra kilos – often in the office of the doctor-cosmetologist are women of normal weight. Modern methods include the normalization of water-salt balance, skin care and body modeling its contours, as well as many other individual events.

The set of measures for correction must include personally for a particular woman developed a diet to reduce in weight, and mode of physical activity – it is a prerequisite to the use of other methods after the results were maintained for a long time. To model complex shapes using hardware and manual actions, operating and non-invasive, they also resorted to eliminate problems such as cellulite, skin stretch marks, sagging, etc.

Consider the basic modern methods of correction.

One of the most popular methods of LPG. It consists of a series of weekly treatments (10-20), as a result of the passage of which is substantially reduced subcutaneous fat layer, cellulite and tightens sagging skin. The technique combines two types of massage – mechanical and vacuum, affecting not only the problem areas, but are beneficial to the entire body.

If you want to get a very quick and visible result, try wrapping – this method is among the leaders in demand. It requires no effort and generally very comfortable. The course consists of 8-12 procedures and besides the aesthetic results treatment of cellulite, losing weight, reducing volumes helps cleanse the body and healing and skin – cleans, eliminates edema, decreased vascular pattern of the skin, is deeply relaxing and harmonizing effect on the nervous system.

But no machine can replace the magic of human hands only they are making corrective massage, give the intensity and depth of penetration to the extent that is needed is your body. Whatever hardware or method was chosen to help shape, hand massage will always be the final stage of correction. Effective anti-cellulite and lymphatic drainage massage. Last accelerates the slow lymph flow, which facilitates the transport and disposal of slag. Massage Refundable balance in the organs and systems. Only after the shape becomes close to ideal.

But perhaps the most effective method for getting rid of excess fat is liposuction. Literally it means pumping fat and is considered a fairly serious interference as physically removes the excess fat. During operating liposuction extra fat tissue appears and after the intervention in problem areas can no longer be formed. However, all the other areas will not be affected.

A very thin tube into the problem areas is directed laser beam destroys fat cells. Their content is converted by exposure to the liquid mass, similar to a vegetable oil which is then sucked syringe.Not everyone needs such a drastic measure, perhaps more suited to some non-surgical liposuction. It is conducted outside, without of fat. For example, one method is such liposuction using a silicone roller. Rollers affect the fat cells and cause them to disintegrate. The results are visible after only a few treatment cycles carried out within 20 days, after a while they can be repeated.

Medicine does not stand still. Every day there are new and effective method for the correction fractional laser, pressure, and many others. And it is – good news. Each person is unique and requires taking into account the huge number of features, so having choices is always happy. Then there is the belief that no matter how complicated or was a specific case, for it is sure to find its solution. Beautiful slim body is to take care of him well. Thus the more effective techniques, operating, hardware, manual, the better.

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