Body wraps for weight loss at home

 weight loss at homeBody wraps for weight loss at home are many ways to work with the body to its perfection, it massages and treatments for skin care products, and various kinds of exercises. And although the problems of working girls that are often shared, the final result depends on the totality of the individual conditions. Take, for example, body wraps for weight loss at home: for someone they are a panacea and extra centimeters, and someone does not help at all. To understand the suitability of specific procedures, they should be sure to try.

Principle wraps

How do you know many wraps at home, but we will update the order of procedures to verify that you are doing it right.

Preparation. Before you do wrap, the skin should be prepared. To do this go to the shower with soap or gel with scrub effect, treat the stomach and hips. If no scrub, instead you can use coffee grounds, oatmeal, sea salt medium ground.

Application. To apply wrap or a mixture made ​​by itself or finished products (sold at any cosmetic shop marked gel-sauna, cream with the effect of the bath, etc.). At home, the product is preferably applied cold. Cream pierce the skin by tapping or massaging. The mixture is applied with a brush or a hand, so that it lay flat with a thin layer over the entire surface.

Sealing composition. The active ingredients of the deposited funds must penetrate as deeply as possible in the skin layer to the treated areas of the plastic film wrapped in several layers. So there is the composition of the sealing agent used. When the film is wound, try to do it as if you were using a bandage: at an angle so that a new layer came on 1/3 of the previous layer. Thus, it is possible to avoid rolling up of the film causing discomfort.

Increase the thermal effect. In order to increase the intensity of action wraps can be worn over warm clothing film. This will help to create the effect of warming up the treated areas inside and outside. The second option – to do some cardio exercises to increase the rate of metabolic processes in the body.

Cleansing. Different formulations of funds used for wrapping, require different time. Typically, the procedure lasts only weapon 20 to 60 minutes. If it is composed of essential oils, extracts of pepper, cinnamon and mustard, is not recommended to overdo the mixture, it can lead to skin damage (chemical burn with red spots, which will be scratched during healing). When time wrapping end, it should be thoroughly washed, you can use a shower gel or soap, but it is better to restrict the warm water.

After the procedure the treated area can apply a moisturizing body lotion, a cream with caffeine or favorite lotion, but not necessarily. Try not to wear in the first hour after the procedure, a synthetic clothes, it may cause irritation.

Mixtures for wrapping

With clay. On the 2 packs of blue clay (each 60 g) teaspoon without slides, mustard powder. In the mixture, add water, how much will take on the state of slurry. You can add a spoonful of honey, but this mustard will burn stronger. Keep the feelings of 20 to 40 minutes.

With oils. On a tablespoon of almond or walnut oil is added 3 drops of cinnamon oil, 5 drops of grapefruit oil, 3 drops of juniper oil. This composition has quite a pleasant smell and a pronounced anti-cellulite effect. Apply with massage movements, keep a film of at least 30 minutes.

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