How to remove a sagging belly

SaggingThe appearance of the baby, family, due to the emergence of new problems for men and women. But after a while, and in the rhythm of life reappears. Then on young mothers falls pile of typical questions. For example, how to remove belly sagged after childbirth?

A little about the physiology

Saggy belly after giving birth can be termed as the folds of skin with fat. In the first case, the problem can be solved wraps, exercise, massage and breathing exercises, in the second case is more complicated. It is the harbinger of a hernia, which often gets a bonus for women after pregnancy (1-2% percent). Straight abdominal muscles diverge due to medical reasons or genetic predisposition, leading to stretching of tendons and connective tissue thinning.


If the problem is sagging abdomen after childbirth purely cosmetic and is associated with excess skin and fat, you can begin to solve it at home, with cold wraps. Hot wraps has a lot of contraindications, so it’s better to regale themselves mixtures at room temperature. Women with post-surgical scars, body wraps do contraindicated.

All in chocolate

To prepare chocolate wrappings need conventional pack (not soluble, namely, powder), and milk. Cook the mixture to wrap can not only milk, but also on water or the coffee decoction. Cocoa powder is poured into a bowl and pour the liquid trickle into it, stirring occasionally, until the state of soft clay. This mixture is applied to the abdomen, polyethylene wrap or a towel that is not a pity. If you use fresh, brewed coffee, it will strengthen the action of wrapping several times, and-grounds, which will remain on the coffee, you can process the hips, as anti-cellulite scrub instead of milk or water.


An excellent tool in taming saggy skin is the massage. But many mothers because of employment with a toddler is not possible to visit a massage therapist. It does not matter. Massage can be done at home by yourself. Well, if in the hands holding the auxiliary device, even if the manual massage, daily 5-minute with this fellow a month later returned to your stomach a decent view. The easiest abdominal massage can be done using a circular motion. From right to left, go around in a circle 12 times the area around the navel. Movement can be performed hand, if there is nothing at hand, then they will be reminded of stroking (by the way, these strokes are good for digestion). To massage was easy to apply before the start of the procedure the skin cream or oil.

The contrast and saline treatments

As a cosmetic procedure to tighten skin on the abdomen compresses can be used with cold and hot towel. It will take 2 containers and 2 towels. As you know, first put on the belly warm towel from the tank with warm water, keep for 3 minutes and then cold towel from a container with cold water and hold for 3 minutes. And these changes have to do at least 5. Finish towel comfortable temperature.

During the period of recovery of shape after childbirth recommend salt baths (with a doctor’s permission). You do not need to go to the sea. Pour into the bath of 600-800 grams of sea salt and can safely hold it for 15-20 minutes. Do not forget to rinse with warm water when finished the procedure. The salt will have an additional calming effect and relieve tension in the muscles, if any, will contribute to lifting the skin.

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