How to build buttocks

Fitness ButtocksProbably, everyone wants to have an attractive ass. To do this on a regular basis to support the buttocks in shape, doing the exercises below. Making them can be easily at home.

Do not forget the fact that you need to be sure to warm up your muscles before each workout. Stand up straight, keep your feet together, then bend down, trying to reach the floor with your fingertips. Through this exercise muscles a good stretch and become more resilient and prepared for the subsequent exercises.

  1. Exercise every day to squat, at least 10 times. The only thing that is important, heels should not lift off the floor, otherwise it will not be the desired load on the muscles. The result does not have to wait long, a month later you will feel how your muscles become elastic.
  2. Initially, lie on the floor on his stomach, arms stretch along the body, the head should be based on the chin. In turn raise straight legs up as much as possible. For greater efficiency, you can hold your foot on the weight in the air for 5-10 seconds.
  3.  Lie on your back, to compress the legs at the knees, her hands placed under your buttocks. Lift the pelvis up on the opportunity. In this case, the rise to strain muscles, squeezing them with his inner force. If this exercise was to have a very light, can be added to this delay at the top of the pelvis during a few seconds and at the same breed and to reduce knees like slapping them. Continue to need repetition until you feel the muscles start to hurt.
  4. Get on your knees, palms should rest on the floor. One knee should stand on the floor, straighten the other leg and lift up, thus it is necessary to remember that a sock should be directed downwards. When deletion of legs down can not come into contact with the floor, the foot should always shed. After that, repeat the same with the other leg.

When finished the exercise with straight legs, then we start to do with the band 90 ┬░ at the knee with his foot. Initially canopy straightens the leg, then bend the heel up. In this position, we move the foot up and down. The leg should be clearly fixed, and not hang from one side to the other.

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