How do fitness

FitnessHaving made ​​the decision to start a healthy lifestyle, and engage in fitness , you need to know some rules that must be followed for any level of fitness and the type of the selected exercise. Do not forget that certain sets of exercises and training at the same time may not be suitable for absolutely everyone, and it is desirable to separately specify all the details with your doctor.

So, consider these rules. Perform each exercise should be regular. Because after a few gym some effect will be felt, but for stable result, these classes have become a way of life.

Fitness can be given 3-4 days per week, most importantly regularly. The first three weeks of training can be difficult, but if they are to survive, then the absence of contrary practice is unusual.

An important role is played by regularity. First, it is necessary to decide on its task on the basis of the desired outcome. Then, preferably after consultation with your doctor to choose the right set and the amount of exercise, taking into account their individual characteristics. Not respecting the systematic not only can not achieve the expected results, but also be harmful to health.

Performing any exercises you need to adequately assess their own strength. This requires a realistic assessment of the state of his body. Consulting a qualified doctor and special diagnostics to help you. In that case, if there is any doubt that the exercise is done properly, or it seems that it is too complicated, or they caused the pain, then it is from, or refuse all or simplified. If on the eve of training the temperature was over 37 degrees, classes better move.

We must learn to identify their level of self and physical condition. To do this, there is a method. Its essence lies in comparing the reading pulse in the supine position and immediately after recovery. It is normal if the readings do not exceed the difference of 12-24 beats / min. Daily measuring this difference can be traced to the effectiveness of training. Training considered effective, if the pulse difference decreases. But if at some time it increased, it speaks of the need to break or review exercises set during fitness training.

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