Fitness at home

FitnessDo not love the company of people sweating and straining in the gym? Do not worry, you can practice at home. However, it is believed that home fitness is not the same, you will not be laid out in full force, build up muscles. The question as to why a woman muscles, So never mind, go in the house, if you like.

Everyone knows exercise is more to physical education lessons and the school is very useful. The core muscles, which are included in work – chest and triceps. But in general, the load get all the muscles, because during the push necessary to keep the body in a horizontal position. For example, if you have a weak press, you will not be a lot of push-ups again.

We do two warm-up sets of 10-15 times and rest 1-2 minutes. Third – do working approach to the end, how many have the strength. At the end of the exercise you have to fall to the floor from exhaustion, only then can we be sure of the effectiveness of training.

The squat without additional weight are utilized mainly only the leg muscles. With the added weight of the load and get more back muscles. It is important to keep the weight on your heels and keep the posture. Squat not very deep is enough to thigh becomes parallel to the floor.

Without the extra weight squats can be very long and boring it is. Therefore it is possible to squat on one leg. Two approaches warm-up and one worker – to the end. Remember the most important – the warm-up approaches need to warm up your muscles and prepare them for the load, ie, the working approach.

Exercises for the abs

Many people think that the abdominal muscles are the top, bottom, middle. In fact, one arm, just in different positions strains either over the top, or bottom. There are many different exercises for the abdominal muscles. You can pick up the body, and can raise the foot, horizontal, vertical, on a bench, etc.

Houses can be done lying on the floor twisting and lifting straight legs (also lying on the floor). How do hiking and repetitions for each individual. At the end you should feel that your abdominal muscles are tired and well stretched.

If you have additional equipment (dumbbells, jump rope, wall bars, exercise bike, etc.) – can work out no worse than in the gym.

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