Exercises for beautiful buttocks

 beautiful buttocksAlways, before you start to move, first tighten the abdominal muscles, legs, pelvis and buttocks. So you keep healthy your joints and muscles will work harder. In the lying on its side does not overwhelm the pelvis back, not to round your back, elbow supporting his hands pressed firmly against the floor.

In the supine pelvis – parallel to the floor. Watch for a stable central position of the pelvis. The strength – in peace. Raise and lower the pelvis or legs slowly. Make smooth transitions, as if the exercise has no beginning and no end.

Breathe properly. Straining, exhale; relaxing, breathe. So you are getting enough oxygen, running in the rhythm of your breath and find your optimum pace. In some exercises, carried out at a fast pace, just breathe calmly, do not hold your breath.

Start with one exercise; perform it every day in the morning or in the evening. A week later, you can add another one and so on.

Exercise 1.

Lie on your side, lean on his elbow, his hand supporting his head. Second hand (the one that was on top), put on the floor in front of him so that his elbow was pinned to the floor. It will protect you from possible injury spine. Bend your knees and hip joint at a right angle, keep your back straight. Keep this position of the body and hands during exercise.

Not opening the foot allot knee working legs, straining with the buttocks. Make sure that the back of the plane in the region is perpendicular to the plane of the floor. In other words, the pelvis must be stationary, it is only knee. Perform 40 times on one leg and 40 times on the other leg, turning to the other side.

Exercise 2.

Sit on your heels, knees can be slightly dissolved in hand. Back straight, stomach in; lift up your hands and take a little backward, join hands.

Lift the hips 5-10 centimeters over heels and follow the slow rotation of hips. Follow the rotation, clamping taz.10 times in one direction and 10 times in the opposite direction.

During the rotation does not move up and down. Imagine that you have on your head is a glass of water and you cannot spill it. In other words, you move in a plane parallel to the plane of the floor. Only works your buttocks, torso and legs at the same time still!

Exercise 3.

Lie on your side, lean on his elbow, his hand supporting his head. Second hand (the one that was on top), put on the floor in front of him so that his elbow was pinned to the floor. Place the straight leg at an angle of 90 degrees to the body, keep your back straight.

Raise the working leg slightly upwards so that the foot was raised to exactly the height of the thigh (leg then it will be parallel to the floor). Take care not to stop unfolding cape up. This is very important: the toe and heel should be at the same height, in extreme cases – just above the heel toe. Perform 10 of these climbs. Then – raise your leg to a predetermined height and do spring. Hold the raised leg at the desired height for 10

Exercise 4.

Lie on your stomach, put on his forehead crossed palm chin tends to his chest. Straight legs slightly dissolve in hand. Bend your knees at an angle of 90 degrees, connect the foot. Slowly lift leg bent up 10 – 15 times. During this exercise, the knees are not connected and do not touch the floor.

Exercise 5.

Lie on your back, legs bent at the knees, feet shoulder-width apart. Lift the pelvis, further throughout the exercise buttocks do not touch the floor.

Hold your pelvis and slowly pushes it up to the point when the body from knees to shoulders forming almost a straight line, and then descend almost to pola.10 times.

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