How to choose a set of exercises for weight loss

weight lossThose who have committed no one and no two attempts to lose weight probably wondered how to choose the right set of exercises for weight loss, to be effective and help to say goodbye to the weight is guaranteed, with no refunds.

Go to the gym?

When you are looking for a suitable exercise, you need to take into account your weight and age.

Strength training (weights, exercise machines, etc.), help at an early age, when you need to lose 4-5 kg ​​of weight, and most do not lose volume, and give them a different shape. Plus, strength training is that the body uses its reserves and in training and after it, even if you are with small weights. At home, without the necessary experience, full-strength training is not possible, but in the gym, the coach will help to make lessons effective.

Strength training is recommended for people with severe and weight (in the absence of health problems). Barbell work will help the muscles work load for a long time. Even after you finish watching and you’ll still spend an increased amount of calories. If you have the money for a subscription, available 2-4 hours per week, and you are very launched its appearance – go to the gym. There you will be kicking the coach will be little opportunity to shirk employment.

Jump to the music at home?

Exercises with weights has a lot of pros and cons, but in the home may be incomplete format. While cardio workout you can do in any situation, because it does not require additional equipment and space. Tai-bo, zumba, aerobics – a partial list of what you can do at home. You’ll sweat and very tired. Over time, increase your stamina, heart system will get stronger, and the body dry. Stop your choice on cardio, if you are a lover of movement and work. To train, only three hours a week at three different days (you can start with a half-hour program), drive to the complex and a laptop or TV. In the early stages we recommend to join the club, for group classes of the same zumba, so to lose weight to turn faster.

Training every day?

There is another group of complexes, which successfully fights obesity and may look more attractive to young mothers, inactive women over 45, idlers and people with certain restrictions on health. Oksisayz Bodyflex and represent something like breathing exercises with the statistical burden on the muscles. Feedback from – they are very efficient and require that only 15 minutes a day. BUT, every day, with no gaps, excuses and failures. This systematic collateral effect. T callanetics Tapp and also in the list of effective systems, and is also indicated for use every day for 15 minutes. During the 3-4 week course can on size, and without harm to health, as is the case with diets. Plus T-Tapp and callanetics in the fact that 15-minute workout every day can be changed to 3 sessions per week for an hour. If you expect fast visible results, ready to deal with every day for 15-20 minutes, is worth a try, or one of the respiratory system, or one of the complexes T-Tapp, or callanetics.

A little about the effectiveness of

Whatever exercise program you choose, it will be more effective than doing nothing. The usual morning exercises, consisting of squats, slopes and mill can already help in losing weight, if you do it regularly.

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