How to lose weight 10 kg

How to lose weight The carefree and sugary calorie life without limitations can bring disappointment is seemingly at first glance, a happy event, as a national holiday, a corporate celebration or a family anniversary, where it is necessary to look perfect, representation in front of colleagues and competitors, relatives and acquaintances in all its glory face and body.

Therefore, a week before the date of the cherished charming, sweet tooth puzzled by the problem of how to lose weight at 10 kilograms. It is clear that such a quick and dramatic, one might even say, the shock changes in the body require substantial limitations and serious changes in your diet daily meals, excluding, however, starvation tuned to a victory over the unfortunate cellulite person.

So, in order to rid themselves of disgusting fat folds that necessarily spoil the luxurious fitting evening dress, first of all, it is necessary to reject the stomach in such delicacies as mouth-watering creations fast food and semi-finished products, quickly and partly to satisfy the hunger, smoked and canned foods, food with high content of animal fat and plant (nuts) of origin, as well as bread, pastry with butter, protein, custard, in order to reduce their daily dose of ’25

Uncompromising exclusion from the menu for weight loss at 10 kg to be sweets, activating the secretion of insulin, which forms the body fat in the abdomen and thighs. It is necessary to give preference to a simple, high-grade fissile energy sources – carbohydrates in cereals and cereal rich preventing excess fiber fruits, vegetables, berries.

In order to quickly, efficiently and quantitatively reduce weight by 10 kilograms, is not enough to eat, and only consume energy, it must be fully and even excessively spending – for example, through a reinforced fitness workout. In this case, it is important to protein intake  of the diet not only beef or chicken, steamed without salt and spices, which is fraught with accumulation of fluid intake, and legumes.

All nutritionists recommend for a fruitful weight loss of 10 kilograms, say a week or ten days, set 4 meals a day, with the last meal should be up to 16.00-18.00, as well as the favorite to replace flour products dietary loaves, biscuits, sugar and deadly – honey. From diets that promise to heal the body from the 10 extra kilos, you can try a 2-week-kefir buckwheat  or liquid food – from cleansing slags buttermilk, kefir, yogurt, with a minimum fat content, fresh vegetable and fruit juices, strained broth unsalted meat, green tea without.

A French beauty industry in the face of a reputable nutritionist Catherine Gursak ensures the disappearance of cellulite folds in the abdomen and hips due to low calorie (1200 K / cal per day) and energy intensity balanced 4-course meal with a milk-fruit (kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, orange, mandarin , green tea with lemon and honey, can be boiled eggs), vegetable-meat meals  liquid of breakfasts  and lightweight dinners.

Regardless of what kind of diet will be effective for a particular patient, who was able to still lose weight at 10 kilograms, refined manners and refined in the figure of the French by the Council in the future, so as not to bring back smiling to the previous wardrobe to complete, is to adhere to the power of a simple formula One plus four, that is, for example, 1 tablespoon of mashed potatoes to 4 tablespoons of vegetable salad. What will be a wonderful, tasty and healthy accompaniment to a pleasant conversation with a cute man. In general, the best way to lose weight at 10 kilograms and more – it’s falling in love – proved by science and life …

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