How to eat to lose weight?

 eat for lose weightLooking at the current generation, many experts not only in the field of beauty and fashion, but also health justifiably considered the main problem of humanity, the source of most diseases is obesity. After all, according to the World Health Organization, 70% of reported deaths in the world in the last year due to malnutrition, which resulted in a rapid increase in body weight and diagnosis.

Quickly, however, it is not always effective and safe to treat the major epidemic of the 21st century, which spares neither the children, nor the elderly, nor the common people nor the stars of the political, sports sky, show business, which are available, in addition to the delicacies and individual diet , fitness programs, etc., and is intended to traditional and alternative medicine.

In fact, no one – not an experienced dietitian or pharmacist inventive nor optimistic coach, healer or wise – better nature does not know the secrets of the digestive system of a particular person and how to eat to lose weight.

Accordingly, there is no universal diet that would guarantee absolutely everyone today losing weight without complications. Therefore, in order not only quantitatively, but also qualitatively and permanently reduce body weight, you need an individual approach that takes into account: a genetic predisposition to be overweight, particularly the hormonal development of pituitary status, the degree of obesity, eating habits, lifestyle, excess and deficiency of vitamins, minerals, patient pathology.

However, it should be noted and remembered that in any case, every inhabitant of the planet, not only to lose weight but also to maintain health, to secure excellent health, need to know how to eat, that is, what products are absolutely harmful. For example, no fan of fast, looks delicious and intoxicating smell of chemical seasoning food would argue that the ill-fated and enticing fast-food are uniquely dangerous. No less insidious and mysterious semi-finished products, fatty meats and cheeses that instantly and just a few minutes satisfy hunger, while awakening the appetite.

But to meet the demands of the stomach, complex and moderately saturate and every cell of the body’s essential vitamins and minerals to help fruits and vegetables in fresh, boiled, baked or stewed form, but not fried, forming, in addition to the feeling of heartburn, fat deposits in the chin, abdomen , thighs, buttocks, legs. Moreover, it is desirable to feast on the colorful gifts of nature at the beginning of the day, and at the beginning, not the end of the meal. Because it is rich burn fat fiber and simple carbohydrates fruits and vegetables is easily digested, preparing the stomach to take complex carbohydrates . If you eat fruit for dessert, they begin to ferment, rot in the stomach, which is occupied by the assimilation of proteins, fats, complex carbohydrates.

By the way, those who seek to lose weight, you need to concentrate the bulk of the food is in the morning , which will allow during the mobility of the labor day to spend all the calories. The excess is fat absorbed during dinner  or dinner, you can neutralize the intense favorite sport, dancing, fitness training. It is very important for 2 hours before and immediately after exercise do not eat or drink for 2-3 hours, which is useful to devote a pedestrian walk.

The main rule of how to eat to lose weight, is the accurate calculation of complex diets consisting of 5-6 moderate leisurely flow proportional  of meals excluding drinking that interferes with the secretion of gastric juice. Try the taste of tea – preferably green, sugar – the best 30 minutes after the meal is finished. Diet for weight loss menu excludes sodas, alcohol.

Meanwhile who cannot imagine life without the confectionery masterpieces, remain to advise not to torture myself physically and mentally and try to replace, say, a deadly sugar curative honey, sweets – dried fruit which should be consumed in doses: dried apricots, raisins, prunes, dates, high in calories!, and an invigorating chocolate – a handful of nuts energy.

In general, the ideal daily ration, certainly consisting of 50% carbohydrates, 30% of proteins milk products, meat, fish, poultry, eggs, etc. -.., and 20% fat  one that allows you to completely consume is released . The assimilation of energy products in the average rate of calorie daily menu for working women is 2000 K / cal, for men – 2500 K / cal; deviations motivated by any individual or enhanced physical activity.

If the body is more likely to load is not a dumbbell and eating, then to lose weight will help unloading buckwheat, kefir, apple days that will enable even after a fabulous table to save the holiday mood, excellent health and curvy figure.

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