How fast to lose weight in a week?

lose weight in a weekUnfortunately not everyone can have a perfect figure, observing a strict diet throughout life. It requires patience of special perception of the world and a desire not to clog your body. Well, almost out of the realm of fantasy! Modern life dictates its own conditions, which are difficult to argue: breakfast in haste, lunch, eat cold food, and after work in the form of bliss after a hearty dinner 19.00-20.00.

And after that centimeters at the waist, orange peel on the thighs. Until our heads do not fall for a big event, in the light of which all these dirty tricks can be seen. For example: burning voucher for a funky resort, secular party, meeting with old friends who remember you slim and beautiful… In general, the cases can provide lot, but only one solution: fast, panic quickly lose weight!

As a rule, before such events have left at least a week, for which you need to put himself in perfect shape. We’ll tell you how to lose weight fast in a week, but on the condition that you agree to understand that no external perfection should not harm your health.

Thus, the basis of a quick diet – is compliance with the required level of blood sugar. In our daily diet contains foods that saturate our bodies quite a lot of sugar, which is instantly absorbed by, but just as quickly and removed. This situation leads to frequent bouts of hunger during the day, which leads to many meals. Our snack in the form of bars, cakes, chocolates and sweets – it is fast carbohydrates that leave behind a trail on your figure, which does not tell about the stomach. Therefore, choose for yourself a diet to present it slow carbohydrates, which are found in vegetables and fruits.

The next item in the weekly diet is to consume the required amount of fat. In no case did not think to give them up altogether. After all, if the body will not get fat from food, it can cause you to hormonal changes, increased cholesterol and depression. Like it or not, but you cannot do without fatty acids.

Therefore, necessarily be in your diet tuna, salmon, pumpkin seeds, nuts, sesame, olive oil.

When you rapidly switch from receiving one food to another, your body hard to rebuild. Therefore, carefully follow your body’s reaction to certain foods. So if during a diet, you sleep worsened, there were rashes in some parts of the body, it began regular bloating or anything else, should be to trace exactly which product causes these symptoms and to exclude it from the diet or to reduce consumption to a minimum.

Any diet depletes your body, so do not forget about vitamins and minerals. They must be taken regularly for life, but during rapid weight loss – is necessary. It is necessary to feed your body to rid it of the stress state. In addition, many vitamins help burn fat, so you will be shot kill two birds with one stone.

Quickly lose weight in a week just by reducing the amount of food a day – will not work. A prerequisite of rapid weight loss exercise there. If you are unable to enroll in a gym, you accustom yourself to the morning gymnastics, jog or even walking distance of at least half an hour. It is desirable that this habit has become a way of life. Then you do not have to expose your body to sudden changes in load.

You’ve probably watched a lot of diet options and listened to thousands of tips on how to lose weight fast in a week. But, let me give you another: give up the monotonous food during the diet for example, a week on the same buckwheat, yogurt or rice. In this case, your body will receive less a lot of nutrients, and dropped a week kilos quickly return.

You will have to eliminate snacks and organize yourself a full breakfast, lunch and dinner (18.00). Drink plenty of purified carbonated water at least 2-liters per day, as well as to exclude alcoholic beverages.

It is possible that by choosing for themselves exactly this way of eating, your body will get used to it and you will no longer have a desire to eat the heart of sweet snack or something heavy on the stomach. A healthy and proper diet can easily become a way of your life. And you will always be happy with yourself and your figure! Good luck! Be attractive and charming as always!

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